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  1. Apparently there's no one who will answer the "advantage is on the fly by wire side of things, that I questioned, but how about the above quote then? If other companies DOESN*T calculate the flight model on a frame by frame base, AND don't have any problems, why not take the same approach as they have, and then see if that gets rid of the unstability with frame drops?
  2. "The advantage is on the fly by wire side of things" I'm pretty sure the FSlabs airbus also is based on the fly-by-wire system that airbusses are known for, but I haven't heard complaint about that one behaving the way the Aerosofts do.
  3. No, it's an app on Ipad/Iphone in the App store, called "Virtual CDU A320 v1.1 by virtualavionics.com.br I had it working in FSX with the Airbusses, but as I mentioned then it looks as it haven't been updated since 2014. I'll take a look at the one you mentions and see if I can get it working with the Pro busses. Jlund
  4. Looks like the latest version is v1.1 which is the one I have already. I can open it fine on the Ipad and as expected nothing happens when I push the connect button. So I assumed something has to be set up in the Airbus' third MCDU, but when I try to connect from there, P3Dv4.3 crashes to desktop. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong, so would you (Aerosoft) consider making a (video) tutorial on how to set it up properly. I actually think it's something other people also would find useful, not just me. Jlund
  5. I remember someone (Mathjis maybe?) say, that it's possibe to use the MCDU on ie. an Ipad via an external browser. Can someone please tell me where I find it the documentation, how to set it up? An Tutorial video would be really nice, but I can't find that. I have a Virtual MCDU app. on my Ipad that worked well with the old FSX versions of the busses, but it hasn't been updated since 2014, so I guess it won't work with the Pro series? Jlund
  6. Yeah, but it's not the same version as the XP one, is it? I think the XP one looks way better.
  7. For once I'm a little jealous of X-Plane, when seing the Faro Island scenery. Is there a chance that it will be made for P3D? Jlund
  8. Speaking of the A220, are there any chance that Aerosoft will make it for P3D?
  9. I just watched an SAS video with their A330-300E which had an OANS (Onboard Airport Navigation System), Will that be modeled in your version (probably not)? Jlund
  10. I can't find the paintkit for the 320/321 either, hope someone will shed a light on where to find it.
  11. Why is it so much harder for Aerosoft to keep topics open than other companies. I have never seen other forums where topics have been closed. I agree with Meyerflyer, that it gives the impression that you won't risk others having the same issues also commenting on it. And I struggle to see the advantage of closing a topic, just to maybe someone asking the same questions again, because they're having almost or the same problem, and then have to open a new topic with basically the same subject. Aerosoft, please consider if there's another way of dealing with topics instead of just close it after a couple of days.
  12. Why are you so quick to close topics? The "Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it" is mighty annoying. I just looked at the push back topic, and I'm not in here everyday, so it feels pretty silly that even though I did have a follow up question, so now I have to open a new topic about the same thing. Why can't you let at topic be open, at least a week before closing it?
  13. How is it unrelated? I thought that might be a fine time for you to explain the differences, and why we should invest in PFPX instead of using ie. Simbrief.
  14. What's the advantage of a prg. like PFPX over Simbrief?
  15. I can't believe we have to struggle with compressed zip files, Fallback something or whatever. WHY can't they just make an installer that works, when they CLEARLY stated before the busses were out, that all the old liveries would work without problems on the new Pro busses. I must say I'm losing faith in Aerosoft, saying one thing and doing another. Just stick to what you promised, or just from the beginning explain that the pro series needs new repaints, to work with the installer. I'm sure the community would soon come up with new repaints then. It's the first time I have regretted buying an Aerosoft product, and will make me think twice again before buying anything from them again.
  16. I don't know if it's a bug, but the display on the MCDU in the F_Plan moves up and down every 2 seconds or so. In the first picture you can see ie. waypoint RASVO is in LSK-L3 and on the next picture it's in LSK-L4 and two seconds later it moves back up to L3 The whole display shifts up and down without me touching anything.
  17. Aha, that's why I couldn't find it. Just tried it it, but apparently my Ipad is too old cause I can't upgrade it to I/OS 10 which chrome wants to run on the Ipad. I also tried Safari, but the server just timed out. So you can close this thread, as I now have gotten an answer, and it's not your fault it won't run on my Ipad :-) Regards Jlund Just found a bug (maybe), but I will open another thread about it.
  18. After doing the update succesfully through the updater, I have gotten the A3XXConnectPro_A320A321.exe, but still no WebInterface.exe and running the connectPro.exe just gives me a blue box with a red Disc on it. No IP or port and all I can do with it is press the exit in the top right corner. Any suggestion to why I don't have the webinterface.exe? Update: Tried it before starting P3D, but when I start P3D I get the green disc with an Ip adress and port, so looks like it's working. Just thought I would have a webinterface. exe in the updated folder.
  19. Thanks, I was afraid it was a mistake during installation, but nice to know it isn't the case.
  20. I bought mthe bundle yesterday, but have only installed the 320/321. Maybe it's a bit ambitious so early, but I would like to try out the MCDU on my Ipad. I read in the manual that I need to start the WebInterface.exe before or after staring P3D, and that it's located in \Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Connect Pro. The only files I have there is A3XXConnectPro.exe and two .jpg's. I have searched my PC, but nothing comes up for the Webinterface.exe. Is it missing? If I try running the A3XXConnectPro.exe I get this error box: What else or where else can I look? PS. As I mentioned I haven't installed the 318/319, could that have anything to do with it? Regards JLund
  21. Well that's a shame, why not? I would think it wouldn't matter when going from a "bigger" priced product to a "smaller" priced? I understand it's not fair the other way around, but this way you're saying I'm having to pay full price for the A320/321, right?
  22. Sorry, but since you're very quick to close subjects, and we need to create a new thread if we have more questions to something that might have been answered, I can't find the exact answer to this, so here goes. I have the previous bundle, but only want to buy the new A320/321, can I still use the bundle serial to update to just one product, and what will the price be then? I really have no need for the mini busses, since I have flown them maybe just once or twice in P3Dv3, so I know the same will happen again if I buy them (meaning waste of money). Regards Jlund
  23. There's rumors out that P3Dv4.4 will be out in Q4 of 2018. Does that have an effect on when the A330 or maybe even the A320/321 will be out? We all remember how you pushed the release of the A318/319, cause they needed some code or something that would come in P3Dv4.3. Will the same happen again that you push the release of them, or is Sep 6, still the goal for the A320/321? Jorn
  24. I just regained my respect for you. Nice to adknowledge that there is a problem somewhere, made what I wrote a little more credible :-) Let's hope LM can fix it in the next update, and maybe the 320/321 will be out by then so we can install it without having to reinstall all of P3D again. Thanks for the update. JLundtoft
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