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    • wwittkoff, The reasoning behind staying up high as long as possible and then making a steeper decent further along the route is for fuel savings.  You burn a lot less fuel at high altitudes and the longer you are able to stay up there the less you burn.  The ideal decent is a steeper and constant decent with power idle the whole time and no speed breaks down to the start of the approach. This isn't always possible due to the altitude and speed restrictions on different sids and of course ATC instructions for spacing ect but that's the goal.  Just got back from a 4 day pairing and I watched the bank angle as the autopilot was making turns.  It will turn a maximum of 30 degrees without 1/2 bank selected and 15 degree's with it selected for those who are wondering about the aggressive turns in the sim.   Hoffie3000, in your screenshots the FMS is displaying what we call a devils tail.  It is a result of the waypoint being an "overfly" waypoint denoted on north american charts as a star with a circle around it.  This essentially means the procedure calls for the airplane to actually fly over the waypoint rather than smart turn before it as it transitions to the next fix in the legs page.. the autopilot should fly the aircraft over the overfly point and start a turn in the direction of the devils tail and then attempt to get back on course to the next waypoint using 30 degree bank turns. Maybe this is what's causing the strange turning behavior in the sim. The waypoint "STTIK" on STTIK 4 SID in ksfo is also an overfly waypoint and the FMS doesn't seem to know how to handle it properly.   Mike
    • Hey guys,   Thanks for your interest and for posting!   Regarding vegetation, I checked Google Earth Pro and the scenery seems to match extremely well!   I'll wait for the developer to chime in and answer  your other questions.     Great to hear from you both!      
    • Yes sir, use Shift-L.   Best wishes!  
    • I am trying to update my afterburner texture with the one provided in the tex update package. I have read the Install instructions and have put the " into the Aerosoft F-16C\Texture folder. I removed the original AFTERBURNERFLAME texture. However, when I add take-off power, I do not see the new orange flame - only the original grayer one. What have I done wrong?   Regards,   Bill I forgot to add: I am using P3dv4   Bill
    • Hello,   You need to read the manuals, the Airbus works very different compared to the default planes. For example if you want to start from cold and dark, you have to follow the correct procedure.  Don't worry it's not difficult.   Regards, Walter
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