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  1. Probably it's somewhat dynamic. If the engine defines snow falling for ENAT for like 5 hours snow will automatically build up. I experienced that in another situation. Same (reversed) logic with wet ground effects. They stay for a certain time even if the rain has stopped. Comparing it with the actual real world weather you will loose the game anyway
  2. Well you talked about a configurator like a seperate application to change textures. That won't work as Microsoft won't allow to ship that application. But you can obviously change textures manually by copying them into the corresponding folders. That's what we offer here
  3. Wir haben einen fix dafür, allerdings wird dir der ATC dann einfach nicht mehr die 24 zur Landung anbieten. Das Problem kommt daher, dass EDER im Standard Simulator nicht vorhanden ist und wir momentan keine Möglichkeiten haben, den ATC zu beeinflussen.
  4. Du kannst dir sicher sein, dass dies NICHT der Fall ist. Die Texturen sind aus unserer eigenen internen Library. Natürlich können sie aber ähnlich aussehen
  5. Most likely that's just a marketing slogan. You can't change the shaders in MSFS its a totally locked up system. But changing colors of the texture does the trick for sure Different scenery options are not supported by Microsoft (yet?).
  6. Hi guys, we were aware of the "issue" in beta testing already. Here is the deal: If you use a snow coverage of like 10-20cm you get a decent result. If it's higher you get the full coverage. MSFS calculates that based on the ground surface color. The darker it is the less snow it will have. That's why one apron part is not covered at all. 10cm 20cm We already discussed that with Asobo and they evaluate an SDK extension so we can take control over things like this. Now if that's a real showstopper to you we can generate dar
  7. Wer sagt denn, dass es keine Entwicklungen in Deutschland gibt? Vielleicht warten die Leute einfach nur, bis sie was repräsentatives Vorzuzeigen haben. PS: Die Gruppe in Nepal würde ich gerne kennenlernen
  8. Immer schön auf andere Segelflieger achten 😜
  9. AFAIK the JarDesign aircrafts are not up to the latest XP standards right? At least if all other aircrafts are working that would explain it.
  10. We tried to replicate the Better Pushback issue but can't although using several different installations and configurations. Could you please upload your log from X-Plane directory and shadeX/logs? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, the issue has been fixed in the latest version (1.0.1) already.
  12. As discussed already we're on it. Some chinese regulations force us to rethink the activation system for that area of the world.
  13. Hi, the issue has been fixed in the latest version (1.0.1) already.
  14. Could you please test it without the AirportVehicles extension? Just to ensure it's not a vram issue or something like that...
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