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  1. Time for a small friday update: The last VISUAL model elements were put into the cockpit this week including even seatbelts and especially for CheapCharlie: A flashflight security band ;-) And for those guys who starved for an exterior view, this time also you get something the view!
  2. Nyxx: To underfeed your arguments you used an image with the minimum zoom / wides angle. Of course the displays are MUCH LARGER in the default zoom view you get on startup. Thats like you should an image of the sky around sunset, and claim that the sky would be golden all over the day! There are a lot of images around with larger displays AND the same distance of the observer from the displays.... ;-) Check some pages back....
  3. Time for the small friday update! Enjoy the pictures...
  4. Correct. It was sold as FSX model, being P3DV3 compatible. And P3DV3 was much nearer to FSX, than V4.1 is now. Thats two worlds of its own and with future additions the distance will become only larger.
  5. Hi RALF9636! The old bus was made for FSX. In that sim there was no cockpitshadow beside that experimental DX10 feature. The shadows from the aircraft projected to the ground were rendered only and alone by the exterior aircraft. Prepar3D V3 and higher changed this situation totally. For optimization reasons exterior and interior models are now fully separated when it comes to shadow generation. So we developers are forced to replicate all essential details of the fuselage now also for the VC view. The aircraft shadow silhuette visible from the VC is now actually a component of the VC itself. So in the end you should see wingtips from now on for any aircraft, if the viewing angle gives a solution for this situation. When there is no wing in the VC model, you get no wing shadows on the ground....
  6. The wing is just the wing like in the exterior model, with slats, flaps and ailerons fully working. Liveries of course appear too as in the external model.
  7. Time for a small friday update, this time with pictures again. Wingtips are now also visible from the VC! Detailing still in progress...
  8. P3D freezing & buzzing noise

    I remember a case many years ago, when i got the same issue with Battlefield2 lol. It think the cause was insufficient power delivery by the PC power adapter. I had to put in a 700W piece and all did run fine again... As modern graphic cards will also be extremly power thirsty maybe you give that a try! Which WATT numbers does your piece deliver?
  9. Crj900 and Aaron1: What changed with the 64bit simulator is the memory space available. It not changes demand for CPU and GPU cycles. And with the competitor product you pay a heavy price in that regard, in double sense. We like your input and make our decissions on a broad range of facts. But also respect the way we go. It is an open world and free market and if another product meets you desires more you are free to purchase those.
  10. Hi Aaron1: To keep things in a linear logic: 1. What you write about is about a comparision of states. But you fail to deliver an explanation for the other states you want to compare, aka image of other wingslopes from the same aircraft, under same conditions (G-Force applied, AOA, weight...and that will be hard). So only showing a single image and telling it would be wrong compared to other examples not works! Imagine you would do that in could be anything! 2. "...but having looked at other developers models that don't incorporate wing-flex..." Which are those developers and products and do they feature the same plane? Please show images from a similar angle and lets compare them. 3. You are asking for dynamic state, where we told you, for certain reasons we dont simulate it due the performance costs and very limited to none use. 4. "... so they don't look so flat and lifeless?" They are not flat, as the are modeled in 3D and aircraft aren´t lifeless, but they also do not flap wings like birds!
  11. Of course! When its ready... ;-) But you dont have to wait for ages, thats sure....
  12. Today a very small friday update (but behind the curtains big work): The last major task visually is to create the huge rear wall that contains the main amount of the circuit breakers. So its a lot of details and any small of the hundreds of labels there has to be replicated. Preparations are now done and final shading starts next week, which is sadly a short week in germany! We got two days off...but neverthelesse i hope to get that done. We will see...
  13. Small friday update: Work continues, Cockpit detailing underway so there will be place which are not final yet (f.ex. slidewindows)! This is for Prepar3D HDR mode; if you turn your head down the exposure gets adapated to the darker space and lightens up that one. So you have to get used to more dynamic brightness still now.