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  1. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Time for a small friday update: Works on the A330 continue and I am currently doing addtional liveries. The first one is the first A330 with the new Lufthansa paint, D-AIKO. Note that the works are still underway at this paint: Work is just done on the EMER DOOR3, which is much more narrow than on DragonAir aircrafts. So there we got the first option already. Additionally with that another window layout comes, which is also added next week. The most prominent change will be addition the FLYNET fairing at the aft section of the aircraft. Collecting data was needed, to be able to model that first. They differ from the ones used with A320 aircraft, so its sadly not only "copy and paste"-job here. Images are taken out of the 3dsoftware. The looks in the sim will be better with all the lighting, reflections and shadows there...
  2. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    And you get extra processors and memory just for that task with the external hardware, so this is not taken away from the sim itself + a higher resolution of the data output in most cases...
  3. Stefan Hoffmann

    No exterior light effects

    Dynamic lighting must be set to ON in the lighting menu in order too see the runway illuminated. Setting this option off, you disable all exterior lighting calculations and it gets dark.
  4. This happens, when the corresponding normal maps are not loadable. Did you set the links in the texture.cfg for that correctly?
  5. Stefan Hoffmann

    Fuzzy cockpit detail

    Maybe you should try another antialiasing setting. There are also very differently in processing speed.
  6. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    For the A320 prof series a new model has been introduced: A320 CFM with satdome. It will soon be available via the updater....
  7. Stefan Hoffmann

    small display error

    Hallo Frank! Wie ich schon schrieb: Die erste Zeile enthält zwei photographische Elemente aus einem echten Airbus. Wie zu sehen ist, gleichen sich dessen Auslegung und die aus unserem VC. Wenn sich zwei Dinge gleichen, eine davon eine Echtweltreferenz, dann ist doch das andere "Ding" auch korrekt, oder? Viele Grüße Stefan Hi Frank! How it did write already in the first post: The upper line contains two photos from a real Airbus. How you can see, their layout is identical. If two things looking the same, one of them a realworld reference, then the one we did exactly like the real one, should be also correct or? Greetings Stefan
  8. Stefan Hoffmann

    small display error

    Hi Frank! Thanks for your input. We checked your complain, but found nothing wrong with our setup. Below is a comparision. The first line shows a photo from a realworld bus. Left CPT side, right FO side. The line below shows what our assets look like. How you can easily see, they share the same layout. And as realworld and vc look pretty similar, i would say, we did nothing wrong.
  9. Stefan Hoffmann

    A321 Model Difference

    Special window layout, special antennas unique to that Delta livery in real world...
  10. Stefan Hoffmann

    D-AIZQ is not a Lufthansa Aircraft

    The livery under this registration changed in early 2015. Will be updated next days...
  11. Stefan Hoffmann

    A320 CFM SATCOM Dish

    Yes, such a model will soon be available via the updater...
  12. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    We are standing under NDAs and cannot tell now anything.
  13. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    They much too often have aircraft as main topic?
  14. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Time for a small friday update. Exterior texturing works on the cargo bays have been finished now. Next week integration of the aircraft into the sim is one main task and also introducing new technologies available...
  15. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    No, that might require a hardware solution first Tom. One step after the other....