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  1. Isn´t evolution mostly about breaking with obselete things? If we would avoid that, we would be still stuck with a very aged and stagnant platform. And there is so much to catch up with happening since 2006, the birthtime of FSX. Remember what happened through all those years in the rest of the game industry...
  2. Hi Patrick! Logo light and wing lights are also fully simulated. You can turn them on/off via the overhead switches. Maybe they were missing in the latest preview pics, but they are contained in the product... There should be older pics that show them.
  3. Hi Patrick! Yes, the landing lights has also a side effect onto the engines. However it is a bit exaggerated on the real world photo, as the camera had problems to find the right exposure time having the rest of the picture almost black. This is how it looks now with our product...
  4. You mean that metal rod outside between the front windows? That can be switched ON/OFF and will radiate in its typical greenish color....
  5. Time for a small friday update: A330 main gear bay proceeded too, but got a feature call on another topic for the small busses.... Oxygen Blinker logic is just about being implemented, so they all are active now (but no bug!)
  6. And lets not forget that is not only a color map you have to do at that size. For gloss effects and bump mapping add another two maps at least that is then 3x1024 or 3x4096, which makes the 4096 a runaway much more. Beside the memory requirements there is a computational requirement, as the pixels of the maps have to be processed in several ways: Projection onto polygons, then light calculations, gloss calculations, angle calculations for reflection effects... To get mad about the size of the texture is a sure way to wreck performance. While those 4096ers work good as single material texture for a whole small aircraft, its not a good idea for large aircraft. They look good as stills at a PR website, but the smoothness they run with in realtime stands on another sheet of paper...
  7. Time for a small friday update: Texturing of the main gear bay proceeds on the A330....
  8. I would not rate it in such a BLACK or WHITE way. With Prepar3D V4 we came much nearer what we want from Sim for the future, f.ex. 64 bit memory management and real dynamic lights which just werent existing in FSX. Now we actually moved a large percentage step into the direction of a higher visual perfection. Of course there is still a way to go, but i think there will be further development....
  9. The only issue that disturbs the party: Those lights in the sim are not able to cast any shadow. So making the lights such bright that they reach the wingtip in that intensity makes the bus a flying disco. People would claim THIS then looks more unrealistic :-). The visible beacon radius already extends farer than the engine housing now.
  10. Stefan Hoffmann

    Paint Kit has painted-on textures?

    PSD textures are made for photoshop or analogous paint programs which are able to read that format. The special livery is an extra layer group which you can swiftly erase, so you get a blank sheet in a second. DXTBmp is more a converter from BMP to the more modern and compressed DXT format. However i not would go that ancient way of painting. Most painters simply use Photoshop nowadays, even older version of it and get the nvidia DDS exporter.
  11. That is what i get here currently....
  12. That component you describe is called Aileron. The latest built should already contain a trailing edge that is of the same thickness and the wings/flaps trailing edge.
  13. Thats is the simple 3dsmax preview window with only one shadowless light...
  14. If you think something is not looking like it should, then we of course welcome your input. But please provide evidence for your claims, because how shall we go with "looks like the edge of a knife". Could be also "looks more like a goat, than a sheep". So we can only work with good photos and plans. If you can provide: Pretty good! Only sending text claims not helps so much!
  15. Time for a small friday update. Detailing of the main gear has advanced pretty well, the last details are added on monday (some covers of joints). After that work will proceed into the bay itself, which has also to show remarkable detail. Stay tuned!