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  1. Just in case you didn't know - you can export the route to a kml, and import that to a google map. Gives your route on a google map. I use it all the time actually, and have airports pinned that might be useful.
  2. Good method. Yep CI brings a whole new kettle of fish. At least I think we now know it is not a PFPX problem?
  3. Thanks for your detailed reply. I see your method, and quite like it - I am going to look into it for the ones I have. I suspect this is a PMDG problem - but it is hard for me to say definitely - as I only really fly the 744 and the A320 much at the moment. The FSL A320 doesn't seem to suffer this problem, but then it is harder to tell as it does shorter flights. I see the problem you are having with your method with the per files - unfortunately you may be stuck using my method. Figure out its burn at ISA DEV 0 (i.e nil WX), then with actual weather. I did this with the 744ER profile just by putting plans in the FMC/loading the WX and comparing fuel burn and fiddling with bias till I got the number I needed. Then divide that bias figure by the ISA deviation. Downside is you have to look at ISA dev in PFPX on every flight and adjust accordingly. I am wondering whether it is worth mentioning to PMDG? I think I did once and they seemed very reluctant to consider it.
  4. Hi all, particularly Mr. @srcooke Does anyone find themselves having to correct for ISA deviation (negative bias for higher ISA dev and visa versa) for their aircraft? I do it for the PMDG 747-400 and get very accurate results with the default RB211 profile, as well as the excellent AirlinerPerformance 744ER profile and am trying to categorically figure out this time which is it a "thing" with - PFPX or the plane?
  5. VHOJT

    .per Files

    I have funny things happen with ISA dev with the default profiles too - I don't know if it's a PMDG or PFPX problem on my end. Try something like a 0.3-0.4% bias - negative bias per degree positive ISA deviation, and positive bias per degree negative ISA deviation. Weird but it works very well for me with the default 744 profiles.
  6. VHOJT

    B748 performance data

    I sure hope so
  7. I can believe it, Richard. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll ponder it. Cheers, Rudy
  8. VHOJT

    Simple newbie question

    https://edi-gla.co.uk/login.php?go=/index.php This site also gives many recent real-world routes, primarily for Europe, which I find useful.
  9. Hi chaps, If I were to make a flight planning guide/tutorial - I am wondering what people prefer these days? Video or written?
  10. I know it can be frustrating waiting for updates, but at least it already works very well...apart from a couple of bugs in latest release and a few export options. I think the developers should get onto the export options more quickly, or someone should, as that seems to be a major point for a lot of customers, and I can see why. In the meantime, it does work very well, and you won't find anything near as powerful or as customiseable elsewhere.
  11. VHOJT

    PFPX on iPad

    http://flightsimsoft.com/pfpx/ No, you need Windows. Cheers, Rudy
  12. Use an exisiting PFPX profile, or try AirlinerPerformance or FlyPrecisely profiles, and adjust the weights accordingly is the way to go. You can find the weights I imagine by emptying the aircraft, maxing the fuel etc. in the Aerosoft CDU? MTOW or MLW varies by airline so take your pick. Once you've done it, you could upload your template here!
  13. Hmm. I've found the following with the PMDG 747, in case anyone else stumbles or searches this one day: Boeing 747-400 RB211-524G (PFPX default profile) @ CI50: -4.7% bias, +0.3% drag. Then -3% bias per 10 degrees above ISA, +3% bias per 10 degrees below ISA Boeing 747-400ER CF6-80C2B5F (Airlinerperformance profile): *CI50 is using the CI100 speed in PFPX, with bias. APP = approach fuel. Then -4.6% bias per 10 degrees above ISA, +4.6% per 10 degrees below ISA.
  14. Also, Stephen, do you fly the PMDG 744 at all? No matter which profile I use (have tried Airlinerperofmance 744ER profile - which is good!) and Doug Snow's 744 RB211 profile. I have to adjust for ISA with bias each time I do a flight (I find a rough figure to adjust per ISA dev - negative bias for positive ISA dev, and positive bias for negative ISA dev). I have not figured out if I have a PFPX or PMDG problem. I read from years ago PFPX was having a bias problem with ISA dev? I am on 1.28.8
  15. Just a quick question - was the fuel flow readout for one engine or two? I think you may need to double it? 1250kg/hour seems very low. Looking at a real 738 flight plan, (this includes takeoff and climb as well), I can see a flight fuel of 12,200kg for just over 4.5 hours. This equates to around 2,700kg an hour (including climb).