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  1. VHOJT

    PFPX on iPad

    http://flightsimsoft.com/pfpx/ No, you need Windows. Cheers, Rudy
  2. Use an exisiting PFPX profile, or try AirlinerPerformance or FlyPrecisely profiles, and adjust the weights accordingly is the way to go. You can find the weights I imagine by emptying the aircraft, maxing the fuel etc. in the Aerosoft CDU? MTOW or MLW varies by airline so take your pick. Once you've done it, you could upload your template here!
  3. Hmm. I've found the following with the PMDG 747, in case anyone else stumbles or searches this one day: Boeing 747-400 RB211-524G (PFPX default profile) @ CI50: -4.7% bias, +0.3% drag. Then -3% bias per 10 degrees above ISA, +3% bias per 10 degrees below ISA Boeing 747-400ER CF6-80C2B5F (Airlinerperformance profile): *CI50 is using the CI100 speed in PFPX, with bias. APP = approach fuel. Then -4.6% bias per 10 degrees above ISA, +4.6% per 10 degrees below ISA.
  4. Also, Stephen, do you fly the PMDG 744 at all? No matter which profile I use (have tried Airlinerperofmance 744ER profile - which is good!) and Doug Snow's 744 RB211 profile. I have to adjust for ISA with bias each time I do a flight (I find a rough figure to adjust per ISA dev - negative bias for positive ISA dev, and positive bias for negative ISA dev). I have not figured out if I have a PFPX or PMDG problem. I read from years ago PFPX was having a bias problem with ISA dev? I am on 1.28.8
  5. Just a quick question - was the fuel flow readout for one engine or two? I think you may need to double it? 1250kg/hour seems very low. Looking at a real 738 flight plan, (this includes takeoff and climb as well), I can see a flight fuel of 12,200kg for just over 4.5 hours. This equates to around 2,700kg an hour (including climb).
  6. Hmm. Can you check the flight plans are actually being saved there by looking the directories in Prepar3D v4\PMDG? Also, is that what you named the route in PFPX? And you're putting it in the company route field yes? And not with ".rte"?
  7. Okay up the top there where it says Prepar3D v4 path, you need to have the just the path to Prepar3D v4. In your case, that would be : D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. PFPX will then take care of the PMDG path itself after that, as it always the same provided PFPX knows where the root Prepar3D v4 is.
  8. Thanks Otto and Mathijs
  9. And whichever person downvoted what I said: seriously, get a life. Why don't you try typing a response rather than taking that lazy option?
  10. And possible a few more secondary scenarios such as a minimum time, higher/lower cost index etc.
  11. I am still not sure how PFPX is missing it's charm - it's a flight planning program, and it plans flights very accurately and has a lot of powerful tools. It's got a few bugs that are going to be fixed, for the meantime I use 1.28.8. People seem to keep wanting new features that don't seem to have a lot to do with a flight PLANNING application. Didn't even know PFPX had a moving map in fact! If anything, I'd like to see the ability to retrieve FIR NOTAMS and see SIGWX along the flight route.
  12. Pity the aircraft won't support wind entry into the FMS - it's holding me back from using it.
  13. Yep, do as Stephen said and you're all good.
  14. I don't think PMDG supports uploading any other data, although you can request winds from ActiveSky if you have that. See the intro manual for the PMDG plane for details (available on the 747 and 777).