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Iran Depressurisation Procedures 1.2

About This File


Hello all,


Contained here are some depressurisation escape procedures for use on the following airways in western Iran and south-eastern Turkey, commonly used by airliners flying between Dubai and western Europe:



  • UP574 KASOL - SYZ
  • UT430 SYZ - VUVAG
  • UR660 DASIS - ERZ



  • L208 ALRAM - UMH
  • G781 UMH - ROVON
  • M317 ROVON - RADID
  • L319 RADID - DASDO
  • UL223 DASDO - LAM


I have created these procedures myself with some background information, enroute charts and PFPX.  Although they will not reflect real-world escape routes exactly, they will provide safe escape routes to various airports, avoiding mountainous terrain.  The procedures ensure no more than 20 minutes above FL140, and then the rest of the diversion at FL140 or below.  (Some airlines have oxygen supplies that can supply oxygen for about 20 minutes above FL140, and then at FL140 as needed for a considerable duration.  I have modelled these procedures on such an airline).


If you have any suggestions, improvements or comments, please let me know.  I can be reached by private message on the forum here (VHOJT), or by email at [removed - see Readme].



Rudy Fidao

What's New in Version 1.2


Changes – Version 1.2

  • Corrected name on chart S204C-4A

Changes – Version 1.1

  • Changed some procedures to allow for more direct tracking

  • Fixed errors on some charts

  • Fixed errors in procedure text

  • Updated chart names

  • Inclusion of OXY waypoints for PFPX

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