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  1. Hi mate, great job on putting these all together. But looking at the Qantas, REX, and Virgin Aus ones they are incorrect in most ways. SD
  2. Hey mate, that seems to have done the trick. So something within FSUIPC must be interfering with the controls? SD
  3. @SimWare yes it does snap back like that in the calibration utility. I dont seem to have anything assigned to the axis'. I have FSUIPC installed, but there is nothing assigned for the A330 profile or even general profile. SD
  4. @SimWare thank you for your help mate. No it doesn't, it doesn't snap back to the neutral position. SD
  5. Hi simware, sensitivity is on max and null zone is on min. But the stick in the sim does not come back to centre, it sticks with were it was left off. SD
  6. Hey SimWare, it looks like it does, the one in the sim looks like it could move a bit more though. But if I love left it goes left and if I go right it goes right. SD
  7. That's what I thought, but it seems to be snapping straight back in the USB game controllers.
  8. Here is a GIF of what I am experiencing, you can see the controls being moved, and then I let go of the stick. You can see it sticking over to one side after being let go.
  9. Yes I believe so, I used these ones to setup - SD
  10. Hey mate, im using the thrustmaster airbus setup, and all done thru the sim controls. SD
  11. Hi Mathijs, I have them set as what the manual is showing. SD
  12. Hi Guys, hope you are all doing well. I'm trying to do my first flight in the 330 and am having some queries with the flight controls. If I rotate and let go of the stick, is the aircraft meant to keep pulling back and start to do a barrel roll? The same with roll left and right, you let go and it keeps rolling over and over like a washing machine. Thanks, SD
  13. That seems to fix it! You are a legend, Thank you Serge. Stirling
  14. Hey mate, I can't seem to see any in there. Stirling
  15. Running the latest version of 365, 2102. It is trusted and located on the desktop. The only change I can think of is maybe it has updated, and that an excel update has broken it?
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