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    Interested in purchasing

    I successfully updated my P3D BY downloading the full installer, then uninstall client. The install the new client, the uninstall components, then install new components, then uninstall scenery etc and just that step by step. I didn't need to uninstall and install full P3D, the only minor problem i had is that if you have add-ons like ORBX global you need to reinstall it again because the scenery installer rewrites the textures that orbx have. Just that. After that Airbus Pro is working perfectly with no problem except for the own bugs of the addon that there a reported. So, in other words, it works perfect and no need to reinstall all my addons. Note for example that addons like AS16 or Ezca need to be reinstalled or updated to work with P3D. The performance of the addon its perfect. see that i don't have the recommended specs i have GPU with 4gb and i have 27 fps normally dropped between 18 to 45 fps depends on the situation.
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    if no REAL LIVE WEATHER MODE is set on active sky and you fly for example with the custom weather of AS16, the ASA319 fms wx report function only will work for the depart atis. No arr atis will be received. Would be very nice you take a few moments to watch this. Other issue is that Temp info is not displayed in the print message! Cheers
  3. I´m thinking to buy AS Barcelona Professional just because one small detail, it comes with LELL. Have this team model it like for example LESB with Mallorca? i can´t se any picture of LELL in the previews, can someone please take a screenshot of LELL? cheers
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    thanks mathijs!
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    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    OF course Iberia!
  6. Eduard Gasull now available

    use the updater to have the last version.
  7. Eduard Gasull now available

    but lower?
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    P3DV4.3 wont start

    Hi guys, i have problem. Today I just installed Just sim LEBL beacuse i purchase ORBX BARCELONA (and its on of the scenery that works with it) All was going Ok but there were some errors with Gsx. So, I pressed restart coalt and rebuilt airport cache and P3D crashed. Now P3D won't start. I see the init start image but it gets stuck there. What can i do that does not need a complete reainstall? thanks
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    arrival atis print not available

    where ever im try to get my destination atis report and print is always selecting the departure airport. why? i´m missing something?
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    How to silence the "Betty"

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    after a flight, if you don't reload the aircraft, and just restart the checklists it began to be a complete mess, the same with flight crew sounds. cheers
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    SP1 closes the 32 bit development

    Look I was in the same situation about you. with FSX i spent over more 600 euros in the last 5 years in addons hardware and that stuff. All my friends were saying move to P3D its the future and refused to do it because of the same fact that you, why i have to spend the same money on similar 32 bit simulator. but when P3DV4 (64bit) was released I felt that officially FSX was going to take the place that fs2004 took at that moment. And i was ok, faster than i thought developers began to make the decision to don't make the FSX version. So this Christmas I bought P3DV4, to be honest: A lot of developers make a discount to you if you are an older owner of the 32 version. Look aerosoft you can upgrade a lot of airports for only 6 euros, (la Palma, Frankfurt, El Hierro) that's a gift. Look the Airbus i paid the 50% of the amount. The same happens to ASCA of AS16. Majestic the same. Carenado even the update it's free. And a lot of airports that you use in fsx can be loaded in P3DV4 (without the new features) but they are usable. believe that you will lose only the 40% of the addons you had in FSX. And the best news is that you can have both simulators installed. As I have and sometimes I fly with FSX. P3DV4 cost 60 euros with is not bad for the product it is. Don't be afraid to do the change, i was and i realized that was stupid to be afraid. My recommendation is to move P3DV4, its no so hard and money effort as you believe.
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    Guys, just say congrats. the new bus its funny, amazing a very great for me. The illumination is wonderful, I was very afraid of the performance, but with my settings, I get between 24-55 with a 970 GTX 4GB. So I'm really happy. I need to explore more about this new product but my first flight was excellent. Just I have one suggestion, I do not know if they will be possible to do: modeling the sun visors of the cabin side windows. for the that's the only animation that I'm missing. Anyway, congrats on your job, excellent addon.
  14. maybe is because you did not erase the propper dds files, open old colors LH A319 CFM textures, copy the first dds file which is the cockpit. then just leave the same dds files than in the LH folder.( Do not copy, just erase the files that they are not in LH folder) Try like this.
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    Low fps with quite good pc

    Go format, for me is the Best solution.
  16. Eduard Gasull

    SP1 closes the 32 bit development

    I´m glad to see this news. If true glass can be added, I will beg for other alternatives as is a nice detail to se. Thanks for all your hard work. cheers
  17. Eduard Gasull

    SP1 closes the 32 bit development

    I´ve got questions about the CRJ. Will 64bits version has CFD? will this release before or after CFD of Airbus? will true glass add to CRJ? cheers
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    got 1 question

    will be possible to exchange the function of the pilot in command in the new incoming CFD?
  19. Eduard Gasull

    got 1 question

    uff, i was getting scared. so that's perfect!
  20. Eduard Gasull

    got 1 question

    not exactly, I mean that both can handle or pilot the aircraft as majestic Dash CFD, not just one
  21. Eduard Gasull

    Custom voice set, still need more data

    Hi! It is possible to include in the PDF what are the names and sentences for the Cabin crew messages? I´m going to start developing the Iberia and Iberia Express Spanish voice sets, but I want to start first from the cabin crew messages wich I have already recorded and edited to start uploading! thanks!
  22. Eduard Gasull

    WX/ATIS report

    Hi, sorry if I'm wrong because I´m not quite good reading metars. According to my knowledge, i can´t see any TEMP information in the metars that aerosoft Airbus provide. wich i think is important to configure MDCU performance page on the app phase. See picture. If is there and the conclusion is that i´m dumb just say it =) If not please consider modifying this to have temp report. thanks, Another report is that the date of the metar is always 000000Z just is correct in the title section.
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    Cold and dark from the first time. Start the Flight at Barcelona World cold and dark to palma, every was ok, excepto the cabin crew sound that they never sound at the same time, sometimes they delay a bit por some times they never sound. then with no reload Any state restart the checklist at palma to valencia, and the mess began. Double sounds at the same time, checklist stuck almost any time. Especially with TA and exterior lights.
  24. Eduard Gasull

    Ridiculous climb rates

    that's officially a rocket man mate
  25. Eduard Gasull

    Questions about voice set

    Ok. Thanks