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  1. Hi Mike, have look at this post: It's also still open, so may raise a question also there and you might get an answer from the designer. best regards, Peter
  2. Good to know, have lots of fun! regards, Peter
  3. That's too bad. Hopefully you don't have too many addons already.
  4. Do have some other weather tool, e.g. active sky?
  5. Hi John, weird, could you post a screenshot? Does it disappear if you deactivte CumulusX! by clicking "Disconnect" on its main panel? Please compare the content of "CumulusXCloud" with that in the .ZIP. best regards, Peter
  6. Hi Scott, you are right. The shadows are irrelevant in any case. If the foot of the lift column is above the shadow it is a pure coincidence. In addition, if you are using FSX standard shadows as cloud shadows (as in non-licensed version of CumulusX!) they will disappear, once the cloud is not anymore in view (off-screen). This is the normal behaviour of any native FSX object casting a shadow. The smooth cloud shadows (available in the registered version) will stay visible, even if the originating cloud is straight behind you. A relative good way to approach a thermal is flying parallel to the wind towards the center of the cloud. If you have tailwind, then expect the lift before you reach the cloud, the more the stronger the wind and the higher the cloud above you. With headwind you have to pass the cloud first, before you will enter the lift. best regards, Peter
  7. Hi Marc, ASN does a lot of tricks to manipulate FSX's weather engine. Try out how it works if you leave ASN away, just to double-check, best regards, Peter
  8. Hi Japo32, thanks for digging into it. As suspected before (as "guest"), it really seems that LM screwed it up at some point. How did you detect that CumulusX! repeatedly disconnects? Normally it would only once. best regards, Peter
  9. Hi Scott,

    pls send me your name, address and your regular e-mail. I will send you a license for free.

    BR, Peter

    1. sf4JC


      Hey Peter, if you are wondering why I deleted my follow-up reply, I couldn't edit my address out of it so the only course of action was to delete the whole reply.  What I should have done was just email you instead of posting it here where everybody could see it.  Hope I'm not being too paranoid.


  10. Hi Al, you may rename Sim.cfg to Sim.cfg.defunct, actually the original sim.cfg is the same as Sim.cfg.Clouds (which is its backup). I suggest the copy way of working to keep the orignal backups. Nevertheless you can re-extract them from the distribution archive anyway. Display of the CumulusX!-birds is independent from the using the CumulusX!-clouds or not. I recommend deactivating FSX' stock thermals (by renaming ThermalDescriptions.xml) because they don't align with any reasonable thermal characteristic. Their associated predator birds ("natural depiction") cut heavily in FPS and will not align with CumulusX! thermals anyway. bests, Peter
  11. Hi Al, you can deactivate CumulusX! generated clouds by ending FSX and going to this directory: <FSXROOT>\SimObjects\Misc\CumulusXCloud and delete the file "Sim.cfg". Then make a copy of the file "Sim.cfg.NoClouds" and rename it to "Sim.cfg". This prevents CumulusX! from showing it's own clouds, while keeping thermals active. Still display of birds in thermals is possible in licensed mode. To reactivate FSX native thermals, go to <FSXROOT> and revert "ThermalDescriptions.xml.defunct" back to "ThermalDescriptions.xml" (see manual pages 6-6). Then restart FSX. It is not possible to let CumulusX! use replacement clouds of REX or other addons. best regards, Peter
  12. Hi Gerard, not seen your post until now, but great to hear that you managed it! bests, Peter
  13. Hi Vincent, this looks really weird, sink is much higher than it should be. Speed-to-fly (STF) is bascially ok, since the instrument interprets the exta sink of the aircraft as a downdraft which results into high STF. Do you possibly have mapped an axis, or some hardware controls to the flaps? best regards, Peter
  14. Hi Vincent, indeed, very strange. Could you post a screenshot of such situation with a cockpit view on the instruments including the motor control unit and CumulusX! debug window on it? See a sample attached. Please indicate also FSX version. best regards, Peter
  15. Hi Scott, found a version 1.3 here: Maybe that helps, never tried it myself. best regards, Peter