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Genuine Simulations A380 - DO NOT PURCHASE!


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this website: http://www.genuinesimulation.com/ is a fake website and consists of stolen images from another developer.

Please be warned that this is a fake website and the images (exept for the last one) belong to Next Level Simulations.

Their feature list is stolen from PMDG's 777 as well as our Airbus X Extended.

(And BTW, they didn't even manager to get it corrected... or of cause Boeing does now sell A380s...

"Flight Model - Engine and flight modeling that is within 5% of the actual Boeing aircraft performance charts, including single-engine operations. - See more at: http://www.genuinesimulation.com/#sthash.BnosmmNK.dpuf"
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And here's a nice fresh thread on AVSIM: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/433209-the-genuine-simulation-a380-scam-is-taking-a-step-further-dont-fall-for-it/#entry2914024

My favourite part is the fact, hard to underestimate, they have now employees from many US states, including Dubai! :lol:

Not to mention the word 'Genuine' in their name. So genuine!

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The description stand-alone is enough...

"This is addon with Incredible features and genuine Simulated with the most accurate and ultra-realistic simulation and incredible disigning of the world's most popular airliner and also Airbus Officially Licensed. So get ready for flight by AIRBUS 380."

incredible, genuine, accurate, ultra-realistic, incredible (again), popular ... ALL IN ONE SENTENCE.

EDIT: sorry somehow my text copies came with dozens of links to the website... no spam intended.

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I though they had been stopped. I interviewed Olli from NLS for the Avsim news page and he was a terrific guy. Hope he gets the support from the Simulation community because this is all NLS' hard work which is being hijacked and given a bad name by someone with no morals (and very poor technical writing skills)

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Reverse thrust on all four engines! Looks like they hacked the Wilco A380 code!!! :lolsign_s:

So, what do you recommend, where should we buy the WILCO A380?

Certainly not on a homepage that is called "Genuine xy dot hacker dot com", right? :lookatthat_s:

I fear that not the experienced users like you n me are betrayed, but the newbies. There are online shops where you can buy the A380, and if a newbie wonders if he buys the right product, he should use this link:


Or, as said in my signature, ask me for a/c. MSFS experience since 2004.

PS: Sag mal Emi, ich würde ja, aber Du kannst wahrscheinlich besser den Buchstabendreher hier im thread namen korrigieren.










Etwas peinlich für weltoffene EDDL Piloten, und dann auch noch in capital letters, aber, kann jedem passieren. Mein Vater pflegte zu solchen Gelegenheiten den Spruch 'Das passiert in den besten Familien'.


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Hello there and thanks for posting this. We have successfully tracked down the origin and the hoster of the website genuinesimulation.com - fortunatly, the hoster is also located here in Germany. They have confirmed that they are hosting the webspace of this site. I have already sent a detailed copyright abuse report to them in order to shut down the website or take out the copyrighted materials from us. If any Aerosoft official reads this, feel free to contact me via email or PM so I can give further details on where to send the abuse report. I will not post the name of the hosting company here in public.

Thanks for your help!

Next Level Simulations

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