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  1. Malediven, Seychellen, Gran Canaria, La Palma und Paderborn
  2. Testing the Frames at FSDreamteam KJFK... Got 27-30... Think it's good
  3. After landing in Keflavik, Iceland yesterday evening I have started to do some Sight-Seeing.. This will be the First Day...
  4. Some Shots from my Trip Seychelles (FSIA) to Maurtius (FIMP) (Pictures are in wrong order)
  5. @ Goof: The Last 3 I like very much... Wich Scenery is it??
  6. Some foggy Shots... (REX Ess + HD Real Weather, 25/26.1.2014 EDLP) for the first 3 Shots and for the other I don't know the Settings...
  7. okay, the Tail-Lights and the "Engine-Lights" are correct now... Westjet "Magic Jet" and Thessaloniki X
  8. These are unedited Shots, all of my Shots are unedited! Oh, and thanx for the Flowers! :-)
  9. Some Shots from my latest Flights...Hope you like it...
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