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Where am I? - A little ongoing quiz

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(The aircraft is not a clue)

Yeah, that is pretty obvious looking at the water on the right side. :)

I want to say Canada or USA, so, hmm... Airport does show signs of being a WW II era base, training maybe... hmm... neither of those that I checked so far fits.

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pacinka the triangular runway arrangement is always a givaway. Although after almost 75 years, most of these airports have changed the layout so that you have to know what to notice - usually there is one main runway, that has been rebuilt, and maybe one side runway at 120deg angle, and one another closed at 240 deg angle. Often the taxiways are connected to runway at sharp angles. This kind of stuff.

Anyway I am in dark as to what to look at at the markings. I was under impression, that this is just an alternate style that is allowed by the FAA and some other agencies. Now if they were yellow...

edit: apparently I was wrong and they are typical of a certain specific aviation authority. But try and find an airport in that country... damn.

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