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Where am I? - A little ongoing quiz

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vor 8 Stunden , Captain Doctor sagte:

Looks a little bit like Calvi, but not sure :unsure:

A little bit is enough :D^_^ ! Yes, it was Calvi and it is your turn again :P ...

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vor 7 Stunden , Captain Doctor sagte:

@Bermuda425 You got it- it´s EDDF. On the right side you can see runway 18 ;)


The air force veterans among us must like your shot alot in reminiscene of their former base!


So now, a winter time escape into the sun: Where are we? or better Where did we use to be?





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12 hours ago, Lotus3xiG3 said:

Hey ho, here we go:


Shouldn't be too hard :D ...

I'll take a stab at Beauvais, LFOB.

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vor 1 hour , nealmac sagte:

I'll take a stab at Beauvais, LFOB.

Well, the country is correct, but the wrong region -_- ... 

A little hint: Besides the fact that the approach is quite interesting, the airport is very unpopular. Maybe because there is a larger one nearby!



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vor 6 Stunden , Captain Doctor sagte:

@Lotus3xiG3Edit: Stop, thats wrong, your last picture was Calvi and it looks a little bit different... :D

Haha, that is true, but you still are right with your guess :D:D:D!


Vor 1 Stunde, scotth6 sagte:

Unfortunately that one still isn't compatible with P3D v4, so I had to use another one...

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