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Aerosoft 20 year celebration

Mathijs Kok

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Last week Aerosoft celebrated its 20st birthday. For our customers we organized a 20% discount on nearly all products and for our colleagues and friends we organized a diner. We like to show you some images of this party, please note that all images are taken before 22:00, the images taken after that are not really suitable for publication, it would wreck our reputation as a solid German company!

We like to everybody who wished us well, everybody who congratulated us and most of all, all our friends who visited us on this memorable day.

The Quax hangar at Paderborn airport where the diner was held. A stylish location!


As you can see they got a whopping big Boeing Stearman in this place (it actually is a hangar), looks superb and very suitable for us.


Excellent (Thauern & Trio) music. We know music in Aerosoft, more then a few of our staff are part-time musicians!


CEO Winfried Diekmann greeting everybody,note how we show the progress of flight sim in the background


Guest were greeted with champagne and some finger food served by Simone. In the background Eva making sure all persons were

labeled correctly.


Pretty good food (and pretty good drinks).


Many of our external developers were with us. Here you see Joachim Schweigler and Stefan Hoffmann,


Christian Keil, and our US representative Wolfgang Burchardt


Manuela Bockmann, Peter Werlitz and Jan Bleiss. Jan later gave a short speech as he was one of the first developers working with Aerosoft.


Michaela Vogeler (TML studios), Winfried Diekmann, Kerstin Salerno and Thomas Langelotz (TML Studios).


Halfway through the evening Winfried took some time to thank the people who worked longest for Aerosoft. They are the backbone of Aerosoft. People like Nicole Schmidtmeier (in the picture), Guenter Zehnel, Sascha Baumhoer, Uwe Juncterius, Andreas Muegge, Angelika Sieren and Simone Tewes.


Some of our staff discussing the meaning of life. Left to right, Guenter Zehnel, Fabian Boulegue, Tim Schäfer and Maria Plet.


Let me leave you with a bunch of smiles in front of an aircraft. If they look happy it is because we WERE happy that evening. We are proud of the achievements of Aerosoft and were happy to share it with our good friends. Again, thanks for all the good wishes, see you in 5 years. Left to right, Mathijs Kok, Winfried Diekmann, Tiziana Krueger (thanks for the good organization Tiz!), Mungo Amyatt-Leir and Sascha Baumhoer.


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Happy 20th years my AEROSOFT'S Friends. Congratulations for all the magnificent job through these twenty years, and congratulations for every "Magnificent and sublime kind of

Add On" You have made to us as well. You have made many of our dreams come true in this Beautiful Flight Simulation World and honestly and sincerely I wish you many more !!!


Kinds regards,


Flightsim fan.

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I regret this late post. However, congratulations on this Milestone Aerosoft. Your innovative products have changed how I look at flight simulator and how real it looks in comparison to what it did before I began using products which Aerosoft provided for me. Congratulations to all who have been part of Aerosoft for the whole 20 years and of course congratulations to every single member of staff for helping in the products and some particular users in testing the products for them. Well done, now here's for the next 20 years, still going strong!



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Someone remind me - where do I know the name Mungo Amyatt-Leir from ? Its a familiar name from way back, but I just can't place him with anything.

That aside, looks like a good time was had by all - even Sascha Baumhoer managed a smile !

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