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  1. Hey Det, that must be a new paint release right? Looks stunning!
  2. That's a great shot and paint! Is that a new one from you Det?
  3. A milion thanks, Holgi! You're the best! ^_^ DANKE SHOEN! That's a real beauty...!
  4. Holgi, thanks for taking your time to see about this idea Happy flying! Andrew
  5. Hi all, I was looking for this Turkish Airlines livery (the new colors) and haven't found any... can someone that knows one help me find it, please? If it's not done, have a look at this baby... http://www.airliners.net/photo/Turkish-Airlines/Airbus-A321-231/2049563/L/ Holgi, any possibilities? I know you have a wonderful one done for the A320... Would it be very hard to apply it to the A321? Thanks for your time! Andrew
  6. Hi Mathjis! It's good when a company like Aerosoft asks these questions, and more to its customers. I have never downloaded Flight. And never will. I read enough of that want-to-be money-making software with no NAV-aids, no serious "world", lousy planes (some with no cockpit!), etc... I am surprised that Microsoft didn't make this game for it's X-box. What did Microsoft have in mind when developing this "console game", I don't know. I have FSX at this moment. I usually fly heavies around the world. That's the reason I got the PMDG 747 and 737NG plus your AirbusX apart from other jets. If I want to fly slow and low, I use ORBX scenery and the Carenado stuff. I did try the X-plane 10 demo and disliked it. Really. The future, in my honest opinion? P3D. I'm a type of guy that looks a lot in forums, reads e-magazines (such as FLIGHT!) and other media before I make a decision. X-Plane 10 for me is still miles to go for a great sim (flight dynamics are really bad in my opinion). If I change sim (I really am in no rush) will be when P3D will get it's v2.0 out to the market. Or maybe v3.0. It depends on add-on developers. All in all, Microsoft Flight is basically a "console game", and I don't have consoles or buy those games. I like serious flying -by the way, I'm looking forward to your full AirbusX! So, Mathjis, In my opinion, don't abandon P3D. There are a lot of users going into that platform. Loads of them. I believe it's the future of flight simulation. Regards, Andrew
  7. In my opinion, as I stated earlier, any flight simulation platform alone is a stale "game". The reason why one should "stay" with one is because of the latter spending for addons. Addons are the things that make a simulator "live". Happy landings!
  8. I agree with you. You bet the simulator world can get much better with the computers we have now. If you recall what I wrote before, I never said I'd never change to a better simulator. I'll just have to wait and see what simulator gets the best realism and the best addons. One good way is read the different simulator forums and see what people have to say about them apart from seeing screen shots. That's the way I discovered ORBX stuff...! By the way, runways do slope in FSX, not in FS9. For example look at Aerosoft's "Dangerous Airports" addons and Luckla, from Aerosoft too. Happy landings! Andrew
  9. A computer gets old if you install new demanding software. If you buy a computer and know how to care for it and are happy with your software you bought for it, in a way, your computer never gets "old". Of course, nothing is eternal. I just had to change my screen because it defaulted on me. And a computer can die. But you can't compare a great platform like FSX with a lot of addons and telling me a new virgin platform without addons (in your case X-Plane 10) will be better than the former sim. In a sense, it's not so much about what I spent on FSX. The reason is about starting all over again without any addons ready in the market for you to enjoy except those 3 not-so-important airports Mathijs promised. It's like buying a brand new computer without software... To me X-Plane without great addons is simply a void simming platform. I live near Barcelona, Spain and when I saw the X-Plane 10 screenshots of Barcelona I almost fainted... Barcelona is far from being what is depicted there. The screenshots look like if the city was a huge park full of trees when in reality it's full of concrete buildings... I won't even mention about Barcelona's airport... The streets don't even match close to what it really is. You only need google satelite maps to see that X-plane's "plausible world" is really nothing more than a marketing tool so people may believe it and buy it without seeing in a demo how airports and city scenery are done out of the Seattle area. Thanks to AlpilotX everyone could see shots of other areas of the world. Maybe the only plausable world is in the area of Seattle... Now, the mesh seems correct although I must say that for that I have FS Global. And for clouds and water and beautiful sunsets and sunrises I have REX 2 and Overdrive. I just bought the PMDG NGX for my new i7-2600, 12 GB of RAM and 3 GB of video computer, and boy, does it fly smooth in the most complex scenery... With the great addons I have for FSX makes FSX something like FS20. I agree that FSX solo is nothing more than a boring stale virgin world (even though it included most of the airports in the world, not like the new X-plane). What you add to a sim is what makes the sim special. I would have to wait some years to really start enjoying X-plane 10 (if that sim gets some good scenery and good aircraft). But maybe X-plane 10 will soon be "old" before devs make a lot of addons for it when version 11 will launch...and 10 will be "outdated". I hope you get my point. I am not amused with new virgin simulators, be it X-plane, or Microsoft's flight. What makes a good simulator in my opinion are the ones that have lots of addons. It's simply impossible for any simulator developer to make the whole world great looking, and that's why the community needs good addon makers. And the FSX addon industry is thriving with very good quality stuff. That's why I don't want to change. I'll be ready to change when I see great addons for a simulator that has been tried out and great looking. I don't buy Virgin sims. Happy landings! Andrew
  10. Logically incorrect. My point is to say that people that have spent hundreds or even thousands of €€€€€€€€ (Euros) will find it difficult changing to a totally different virgin flight sim platform like X-plane 10 if that someone has a good rig that runs it smoothly. I say new virgin platform because that's what X-plane 10 is all about, not counting the typical faults you find in a new platform version. Why change to a different virgin platform when, in my case and many more, we have rigs that fly FSX with all the addons wonderfully well? Now, if you are a current FS9 or FSX user with little or no addons, I find if wonderful if you get the X-plane version. You'll only have to wait for the first service packs to arrive so all the platform can be smooth like I personally waited for the FSX Service Packs to arrive. I personally couldn't fly any sim with it's default aircraft and default scenery (default airports)... There is nothing better to fly great addon aircraft or scenery addons such as Carenado, PMDG, Aerosoft, ORBX, etc. Mind you, I didn't buy FSX untill SP2 came out and I had some addons bought. And before buying FSX Professional I did download the FSX demo and liked what I saw as I knew that was a demo and the possibilities that simulator base had for addons. Now, If you have a lot of addons for FSX and you can run them well and even though want to change to X-Plane 10, you are very free to do it. It's more. I'll be sure following the X-Plane community forums to read about the updates and addons they'll be adding to it. If I may recommend you an aircraft addon that is wonderful may I recommend you one a Spanish guy (I'm living in Spain) made: http://www.jrollon.com/CRJ.html He has some freeware as well so I'll give you his page so you can see his quality for yourself. Mind you -it's all for X-Plane version 9 but I read that he's planning to make his stuff compatible for X-Plane 10. http://www.jrollon.com/indexResto.html I hope you enjoy the new sim! Happy flying! Andrew P.S. I liked you saying FSX is mature. Not old, as some say. I liked that. That's talking with common sense.
  11. Erikk, I am sure Aerosoft won't tell you that as it usually is a company secret...
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