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  1. That's the key of all the reasons we are all still waiting for the busses: it's more money for Aerosoft. It's a business decision. It's securing extra money even if you bought the last version. I personally have all the versions of the bus, since Aerosoft released their first A320, many years ago. It's a business like any other. They need to pay their staff apart from other things and grow. Like any other company. Although the wait is long for me as well, I understand their reasoning.
  2. Well, my vacations will be a week in October and some weeks between November and December... in this case I see it possible that Aerosoft will release it by then
  3. I didn't get something very clear. I am wondering if that fee Mathjis announced (plus vat), will it be the upgrade fee or the price for all those that still don't have it? Thanks for clarifying!
  4. In MY opinion, Airbus A340 pilot wasn't trolling, only excited as per what Mathjis said about a possible A340 (after mentioning the next project was a 3XX project). If he wasn't trolling, why put him two warnings? I thought this was a place to discuss the probable next A3XX project (with AS blessing), not a place to get upset with excited customers.
  5. The most logical step would be the -200 and -300 models, as they are the most similar to the A330-200 and -300.
  6. In MY point of view, knowing Aerosoft doesn't lose its time and will want to maximize its assets (modeling, data, programming, sounds, time spent with making the A330, etc.) Therefore I can imagine they will continue with the A340. It's the natural way, I guess...
  7. Hey Det, that must be a new paint release right? Looks stunning!
  8. That's a great shot and paint! Is that a new one from you Det?
  9. A milion thanks, Holgi! You're the best! ^_^ DANKE SHOEN! That's a real beauty...!
  10. Holgi, thanks for taking your time to see about this idea Happy flying! Andrew
  11. Hi all, I was looking for this Turkish Airlines livery (the new colors) and haven't found any... can someone that knows one help me find it, please? If it's not done, have a look at this baby... http://www.airliners.net/photo/Turkish-Airlines/Airbus-A321-231/2049563/L/ Holgi, any possibilities? I know you have a wonderful one done for the A320... Would it be very hard to apply it to the A321? Thanks for your time! Andrew
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