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  1. It's not a problem, I'll help anyone as long as they're an Aerosoft customer or an Aerosoft potential customer. I understand what your saying, I wish you the best of luck in sorting the problem and good luck in your adventure, captain! Regards, Jamie
  2. This problem may be caused by not un-installing the scenery before installing Flight Simulator X again. If you have the time, un-install the scenery again and un-install and re-install FSX. After that, re-install the scenery and it might work. I've never had this with one of my products, so I don't have much experience in sorting these types of problems out, with aircraft it is a different story but with Scenery I'm no expert. If you do have time, I'd advise trying the method I put above and report back in this thread what has happened, if the error is different or even better, if it finally works for you. Best of luck. Thanks, Jamie
  3. I understand. It's more than likely that the Aerosoft staff and developers will investigate further to see what the problem is. When it does get sorted and the problem can be fixed then a method or what has caused the problem will more than likely be announced in this section. Thank you for reporting your problem anyway, I'm sure some other people may be experiencing this with their aircraft too. Thanks, Jamie
  4. Generally with some products you have the option to repair or uninstall the game. Try to repair it as the first option, if the problem persists then just post again in this thread and someone may be able to sort it out for you. Thanks, Jamie
  5. I'm very sorry for the late posts, but welcome to the Aerosoft forums.
  6. As Shaun said you should post a thread on the forums or maybe contact one of the administrators, they will be able to sort you. On the other hand you may get an email back telling you how to resolve the problem. Nevertheless you're best option is to contact one of the administrators, preferably on the forum. Thanks, Jamie
  7. Gut ist MyTraffic immer eine gute Wahl und ein it' s gebildet von Aerosoft, so Sie can' t gehen falsch. Here' s die Verbindung: http://www.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=11037&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=Flight%20Simulation&s_language=german
  8. It's a pleasure to say good things about Aerosoft and about the staff, Shaun. I can't say anything as good as this about other companies, because I have plenty of products and all are superb quality. You deserve all the praise you get. Indeed, gmoreira. You can't give this much praise to any other flight simulator company because their products aren't as good, actually far from it as I said above. It's good to know other customers agree with me, you can also agree that the staff in the community help more than others and as you said, make you pleased to purchase their products without hesitation. Aww yikes, that's a shame Mathijs.
  9. I regret this late post. However, congratulations on this Milestone Aerosoft. Your innovative products have changed how I look at flight simulator and how real it looks in comparison to what it did before I began using products which Aerosoft provided for me. Congratulations to all who have been part of Aerosoft for the whole 20 years and of course congratulations to every single member of staff for helping in the products and some particular users in testing the products for them. Well done, now here's for the next 20 years, still going strong! Thanks, Jamie
  10. Looking at all the brilliant videos, most including Aerosoft's amazing products.

  11. Looking at all the brilliant videos, most including Aerosoft's amazing products.

  12. Actually, that really is a decent video. If I was you, I wouldn't improve anything if you were thinking about it and the quality is amazing. Keep up the good work, one of the best videos I've seen in a while.
  13. That is a great picture. Great quality too and I'm baffled on how you got it but then seen your post. Brilliant, and I'm definitely going to try that out myself looks like it would make a good background if I made one big enough.
  14. Nice video, Mutley. It's great to see you using one of Aerosoft's best quality products in your videos and I certainly cannot wait to see your hangar.
  15. Hello to all. My name is Jamie Fagan and I recently registered on the forums because of the products I have purchased. I've had just one problem which is sorted and I'd like to say that Aerosoft have impacted on my Flight Simulator X experience immensely. If I had have had any problems, you would of always been there like you are for all of the other users which makes me proud to be part of the Aerosoft community. Big thanks.. I would like to say a big thanks to all the developers and all who help on the projects which Aerosoft has to offer, and the work you all create for the community is much appreciated. I have had only one error with the Airbus X project, but the support you have given on some threads who have had the same problem has sorted mine. Once again, a big thank you to all that are involved in the making of the projects, administrators and the whole community, yes including the users for what you ALL provide for me. I've got most liveries for the Airbus X and so far I've purchased around six things from Aerosoft and I'll sure purchase from you all again because you all work greatly for the community. Thank you, Jamie
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