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  1. Mathjis, does this mean that the 'Aerosoft Flight Simulator' will now be pushed on please?
  2. Where was my good friend, Shaun Fletcher? Was he invited?
  3. Have you tried the 'Downloads'? http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=download&do=confirm_download&id=483
  4. Fantastic improvement to my fps. I can now run high end aircraft and payware scenery without looking at a slide show. Another 15 fps at least. Thank you so much and thank you to Lefteris. A true 'diamond geezer' in my opinion.
  5. I use the Saitek Cyborg Evo for my Airbus flying. It's the only joystick that can be configured for left or right hand use. I also have the Pro Flight Yoke too.
  6. Yes your right. I missed that in my excitement of looking at the pictures, thanks. :roll:
  7. Where's the Beaver in the last two shots?
  8. For all those who haven't seen this great video. http://jeff.lumacs.net/Do-27FlyinRoundPortland.wmv Enjoy
  9. I might be missing something here but, how do you get the additional textures into the Dornier configuration file? :oops:
  10. Hi Sean, Please help me I have had problems that could only be put right by formatting my computer. I am trying to reinstall but am getting Error MSG:1006 My customer ID is CID 13993
  11. Hi Shaun, Thankyou for your rapid response to this and your e-mailed reply also. I have now realized what has gone wrong but I still can't believe it? After installing the '1.52' file I also installed the '1.52' update file. This is what has gone wrong. Since posting on here I re-executed the base file and now I DO see the radio where it wasn't before. Why is the update file with a higher number sabotaging the Base file Shaun?
  12. I downloaded your Beaver and notice their is no radio guages on the right-hand side of the cockpit while using the 'Old' panel? Please advise?
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