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Plot Sale AF76 & 77


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To celebrate the update we have two plots up for grabs this week- AF76 & 77

Both will be built with a house choice by developer

They are quite small plots due to the inclusion of the bridge but this means they are going for a steal at 25 euros (each)


(no screen shots as I have done something wrong when installing the update - I have diggers on the runway!- has anyone been landing an Airbus?)

If you are interested send an email to sales@andrasfield.com. If you are interested in more than one plot you do not need to send more than one e-mail but please make it clear which plots you are interested in- you can only win one plot. You can say an order of preference. If it is not clear which plot(s) you are interested then you will not be entered in to the draw.

If there is more than one person interested I will ask mini Chompski to pull the name out of the hat.

Please remember to add what the sign at the road side should show and if you want the hanger open or closed.

The deadline for submissions of interest is 9:00 pm UTC Thursday 31st March

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:cool3_s: ¡¡¡ I WON !!!, Chompski, I'm totally interested in acquiring the plot AF77, the helipad is not important to me. E-mail sent. :ididit_s:


Hey Neighbor,

I will be on AF76 =)

See you soon,


CONGRATULATIONS to you both. And welcome Stefan.

erh.. JSALVA - cant say welcome to you, as you have been a hangerowner for ages here, but congratulations on being the first person in Andras Field who has TWO places, a Hanger and a House.

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