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  1. AF76 is sold, the new happy owner is volkerjacob
  2. If anyone is looking for a plot: AF76 is for sale for 20€ I gave up FSX a while ago and am now concentrating fully on my real-world flying. If anyone is interested, send me a PM, I'll reply as soon as I can! Cheers Stefan
  3. 1. Thanks! 2. No, not at all. As I wrote in the first post I had my "modded" PSU "blow up" (not literally and definitely not because I "modded" it - was only the fan anyway - but it means no warranty exchange etc), which trashed my whole main computer. Some kind of a power surge seems to have blown a few capacitators and other stuff I wouldn't know about... =P Since the only thing else I have left is my low-Power HTPC and my low-Power Laptop and almost no money coming in in significant amounts I don't see any chance to rebuild my PC to be able to fly in FSX at all. Since therefore I c
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. I know it's between the two them, but I thought I'd drop a line here where people where asking if there are still plots for sale. Maybe one of them is interested in AF76. As for the download: that's what I assumed, well, that's why it's only 20€ ;-) Cheers, Stefan
  5. If you are interested I will be selling my plot AF76 shortly. I had a bad "accident" with my main computer (and the only one that's capable of handling FSX). Money is short for the next few months so a rebuild is out of the question. I'm trying to collect as much money as possible, so sadly I will need to sell my plot on Andras Field as well. I was thinking of asking 20€ via PayPal (I'll pay the fee). I will then contact Aerosoft and ask them to reassign the plot and change the sign to your name. If one of you guys is interested, have a look at it (it's included in 1.18) and
  6. A few of us did fly around that day, but just for a few touch & go Anyway, I thought I'd attach a few screenhots: I was flying the Nemeth AW109 (1 shot) and Superbug (for flying next to that "Catalina" - which was actually a DC3... =P )
  7. Yay, I got my plot =) First screenshots below! Cheers, Stefan P.S.: If there's any chance to raise the hangar-roof by about half a meter (two feet), I'd really appreciate it... as you can see my Duke fits but very tightly... ;-)
  8. So in real life nobody would - once their tabs are set right - check the angle with an angle-meter, maybe just to see what it is and so that you may give advice when asked? Thanks a lot for the modification, I find it simply interesting, also because it is sometimes hard to really see (with my laggy mouse), how much you changed the tabs now or if they are back in their original position. Thanks, Stefan
  9. I can do the ATC at EAFS => I'll just start last when everybody else is gone ;-) You could even fly while doing ATC => fly your way and once you are needed look at the aircraft positions in PlanG and let the autopilot hold the position over an airfield in the area... secondary camera top-down onto the airport (with labels on you can see everything fine) Gives you all the time you need and you still get to fly! Cheers!
  10. Are you going to fly the Seneca again? Just to get an idea about the speed... ;-)
  11. Sorry, forgot to subscribe to this =P I'll be there, maybe some more folks will join? Cheers, Stefan
  12. Sounds great =) When on Friday do you want to do this? Cheers, Stefan
  13. Thanks =) Yep, got the Catalina already, need to take her out for a spin again anyway =D But normally it should be my Katana, at least she should fit into the garage ;-) Cheers, Stefan
  14. no AF76 =( Btw with the bridge collapsed, my (not yet created) house on AF76 is pretty much [GERMAN]at the behind of the world[/GERMAN] xD
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