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  1. The manual states (pp 38-40) that you could places ships whereever you want and there is a procedure for that. I use Shipyard v2 as described but it failes to update the database due to "missing information". My hope is that I will be able to see all 6 types of ships that comes with the package from Aerosoft inside FSX. I have been trying to place a Coast Guard ship in the Northsea without success. How do I fix this! Sincerely yours
  2. Bought a yoke from Aerosoft a while ago, and found a flightgame attached, Around the world in 80 flights. It will take an estimated 400 hrs and 43000 miles to accomplish all legs, which I will do. Have no idea where I will get the time from, but once my pedals have arrived as well, I am ready. It's a company called First Simulations which I can blame for this crazy idea, but so what!
  3. Flight is just that, not a simmer, but may it play a role in reqruiting future dedicated simmers? Only time will tell that! Having worked as a highschoolteacher, I noticed how youngsters learn more and more visually, being frustrated if they don't understand instantly. MS have adjusted to this, but I have spent hundred of hours reading manuals and testflying and finally LEARNED to handle the plane (more planes to come I assure you). It is that ultimate feeling of achievement that creates a dedication to the simming hobby. I will keep my FSX, but I understand that an upgrade of my simming software will rather come from X-plane and Aerosoft than MS. It is a pity MS with all its resources has given up the simming area for a flightgame.
  4. To my surprise Aftenposten, biggest daily newspaper in Norway has a long story on flightsimming and a man who builds his own 777-cockpit in the kitchen. It's in norwegian, but Google translate should give you an idea of what it is all about if you don't understand the language yourself. It's a good thing they write about it, because people tend to look at you with some suspicion if you during a dinner i.e tell about your hobby. My "better half" accepts it but says she will not step in as a flight attendant other than bringing the captain the occacional coffees during long flights if possible. The man in the article builds even the FMC from scratch as the real ones are too expensive to buy. He is an IT-man/expert so it works. Here is the link: http://www.aftenposten.no/kultur/Flyr-verden-rundt-fra-kjokkenet-6765667.html
  5. I remember causing some ado when landing my Concorde at EAFS shaken but not stirred and no milk please!
  6. Here are a few pics from Stavanger X after activation.
  7. I wasn't aware I had to do that, now it's done! I'll fly there Going there ASAP!
  8. This is the new Stavanger X, it comes complete with with a harbour tough I haven't checked that out.
  9. Did a short trip from Oslo to Stavanger to check out the new Stavanger X, as a norwegian, it is a must in my airport collection and well worth 15 euro (ex. VAT).
  10. Thanks Ole! Lately I have been flying around with a 747-200, and after all the furore my landing with a Concorde did, the "Queen of the skies" will not go down there (appologies). I have been making a flightplan of about 5600nm from Copenhagen to Changi International Airport in Singapore. It's rated as the best (read most luxurious) airport in the world. I'll post a few postcards from there whenever I arrive. Maybe I enjoy it so much the flight back will be done with a different crew?
  11. Anyone hearing the infamous "error" when trying to connect lately, or have I missed a thing or two?
  12. FSX stopped working last evening with no error message, just hung! Event wiever gave me an error code of 1002 which didn't help me a lot. I ended up reinstalling the whole partition from a week ago, adding what I had installed after backup afterwards. Now I have just landed in Andrasfield and here's a few pics. Flew IFR and not too happy with ATC instructions (assigned rwy 9, asked for rwy 27 instead, still directed towards rwy 9). Enjoy the pics.
  13. Thanks for your reply! I did try to fix the problem first by minor actions like deleting fsx.cfg used a program called FSX Repair tool and so on. Did not try to reinstall the logbook tough. Had a weekold backup of the entire partition that FSX is installed on and used that.I'll keep your advice in mind next time, because this took hours last evening.
  14. Ok, so it has happened to me too. Just installed AF 1.20 had a look around and logged out of FSX and everything seemed normal. Later I was supposed to test a new flightplan I had made from EKCH to EAFS,but no way was FSX ready to start. Just went on and on. Event log showed Error code 1002 which seems to be caused by an illegal command of some sort. The whole partition was backup up 1st of dec. so no big problem, but an airport must be reinstalled, AES and some other non-FSX updates. At the moment I am trying to reinstall just the FSX directory to see if that is sufficient. If not, it's the whole partition. Holy Grail, this takes time, but is there something to be learned?
  15. I had placed last years tree there a short while ago, but some snow is welcomed!
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