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Plot Sale AF40


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This week we have AF40



Price 35 Euros, and with a house type decided by the developer

If you are interested send an email to sales@andrasfield.com.

If there is more than one person interested I will ask mini Chompski to pull the name out of the hat.

Please remember to add what the sign at the road side should show and if you want the hanger open or closed

The sale will finish 7:00pm UTC Tuesday 1st March

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Well in that case...... Wheres my shopping list?

5 x kegs of Boddingtons

12 x kegs of Spitfire

3 x cases of Jim Bean single malt

2 x cases Jack Daniels

5 x Cases KP salted nuts

5 x Cases McCoys Crisps

I think that should tide me the club house over for a while

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All orders duly noted and any others have till 08:00 GMT 3rd March to get their requests in :lol: Have a great paint job for the job also but keeping that one a secret for now as using it for this months competition :lol:

Looking forward to seeing it

I would like to order some pork scratching (haven't had it in ages)


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