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  1. Congratulations to the both of you, sadly, here is were I step off , I have tried for a couple of months now, only to be disappointed time and time again. thanks and regards Kermit
  2. Yes I know, But if the plot is big enough why not, I will give my neigbours some rope to hold down the BBQ. greetz :lol:
  3. Email send, If won can I have a helicopter please, I`m flying only my Cessna 172 , but a helicopter would be a nice present regards Henk /Kermit
  4. HI, Can we go now to the real plots for real planes please regards Kermit
  5. Im not quite sure what you mean by "Will there be a change in the set up like votes for the course of Andras field will be going?" but if you mean elections, then the birth of this new board was not subject to elections, and we will, as suggested by Mathijs, serve as board for one year, so new elections will be held in January 2012. II was thinking about were does the Board want to be in a years time, is there some kind of a ``businessplan``? And with 50+ paying members will they have a vote about that. regards henk
  6. Hi, I have a I phone too, great app, 1 question are you developing apps to work with FSX like gps maps or checklists maybe an idea , will look great on my panel greetz
  7. Congratz on the new board, just one question as I have not visit for a long time, I thought Ole had resigned his job as a director only to find him as a director again, Also Mr Kok stepped in because people started to be a pain in the a**, did it result in Bans or is there a new code of conduct? Will there be a change in the set up like votes for the course of Andras field will be going? A few questions as I want to be in the race of purchasing a plot again, but want to know for sure there will be no troubles again. Are there new rules regarding purchasing plots/lotery\thanks Kermit
  8. :cry_s: :cry_s: My time will come, you wait and see darn lottery
  9. Any news , regarding the plots, over here its 21.50 greetz
  10. Hi, This is why I need an plot with a hangar, as you can see I have no room for the wings, it looks like a clipped bird But is still under construction, I`m looking for some odd stuff like GPS and radio`s With the go flights 166 radio s and the VOR1 and 2 and ADF its is fully IFR ready, Although I`m really an VFR pilot but when the weather starts to look grimm , I can fly IFR. greetz
  11. Hi , this is my little plane, this is a real section of a Cessna 172 m reg PH-WDS using simkits and real parts you can`t see it right now, but I`m building a 2 dof motion platform I`m using gearboxes and motors and frequency inverters from work, and help from xsim.de ps screenshot is RotterdamX about 15 miles from my hometown greetz
  12. I didn`t mean that you can`t stated your opinion,your more then welcome only that there are other sections on this forum for this. Also for now I having more and more the impression that , there more plots given away for normal (commitment, industry)and strange reasons(shutting people up) then there are sold. This section is for sales only as I understood. As I read my comment. I now realise I`m sucked into this discussion , and the reason I made my comments was to close this type of discussion on this section in the first place( but I`m not the moderator) I have to agree with J
  13. As an outsider I think we are going the wrong way , with this section. It was meant to be for selling plots but, all I can see is old scores are been settled. I think its wise to put it on the general section or even better by PM. even for the short life of Andras Field, I see things are chancing and NOT for the better, If this will go on, Andreas Field will be turned into a graveyard before it even begon. So please stop this nonsense, and start selling plots regards Henk
  14. henk

    An Idea

    If opportunity knocks I will gladly take over your house Mr Hamilton, will even pay you greetz
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