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LFTZ St-Tropez - causes MSFS reset after SU5 and WU6 update


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Thank you for your response.
I know SU5 has caused a lot of problems.
This led to me finally reformatting the entire drive and doing a clean fresh MSFS install.

After yesterday's small patch to SU5, I finally managed to use MSFS.
LFTZ, was one of the first sceneries I reinstalled (my test flights are always LFMD-> LFTZ 😉


MSFS stops working when the airplane is about half way down the runway.
You can start a flight with LFTZ without any errors by choosing to take off from this airport, you can taxi without any problems. However, every time the plane begins to travel down the runway, then MSFS stops working. It shuts down completely and goes back to Windows.
The same situation occurs when arriving at the LFTZ.
I tried both in VR and on a 2D monitor.


The place just before the failure:



...then it's back to the WIN desktop



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Hi, I bought this product from the MSFS 2020 Marketplace and I have the same problem.


Crash and back on the desktop after taking off on the runway.

I disabled all the Community extensions, used a generic Asobo plane (Cessna 152): it's the same.


I ask that this Aerosoft product is finally corrected, there is no update for the moment.

Please release a patch for compatibility with update 5.




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I would just like to confirm that nothing has changed since the last update - scenery still causes MSFS reset.
Although this was to be expected as the area of France is not covered by the latest update.
So what are we supposed to do, all of us LFTZ scenery users ???

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  • Herman changed the title to LFTZ St-Tropez - causes MSFS reset after SU5 and WU6 update
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Information for developers or maintainers of affected sceneries:


This kind of issue is related to the runway configuration. The scenery editor allows to set up certain configurations the simulator itself does not handle right an crashes. My experience is this has to do with the starting points on the runways: Every runway should have a primary and a secondary starting point, they both have to be configured and both should be placed inside the area of the techncial runway and not outside, let's say on a taxiway holding point. Configuring the runways this way fixed the crashing on some affected airfields for me.



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I have opened the airport in ADE2020 to view what is going on. There is only 1 starting point, which is indeed outside the runway. Also, the runway seems to be reversed (runway 06 has a heading of 242 degrees)

I don't know enough about runway design to correct this so I am not making any changes. Perhaps Stairport will one day be ale to solve this, if this is indeed the cause of the crashes.

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Thanks Mathijs. Hopefully they will be able to correct the issue soon. At least a statement that they are working on it would be nice. If the CTD is indeed caused by the starting points they should be able to correct it literally within an hour. Correcting the runway heading should be possible in the same time as well.

Testing and deploying the update will probably take longer.


Off course it is ludicrous that the simulator crashes because of this but that is not the fault of Stairport / Aerosoft.

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Hello to all

I have the same problem, I saw with ADE2020 that one only startpoint is placed outside the runway 06 but i don't know how to modify it :(

Nevertheless, i have no issu when curiously i save a pre-flight :


Launch Fs2020

Choice LFTZ and parking place example 1

prepare you're plane with a start on dark, so cut off all instrument/engine and set parking brake

Save you pre-flight by Esc + space-bar and name your flight with flt extension

Quit Fs2020


run again fs2020

space-bar to launch your pre-flight

start your plane ibstrument/engine and taxi to the runway 06 and you can takeoff normaly without CTD. I don't explain why but it's works for me


Sorry for my bad english


Have fun


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