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  1. Mathijs stated in the 'new release and update section' of this forum - Fixed an issue with ATC voice output - Reworked Audio Panel COM receive and transmit logic For me all is okay now, no need to press the vhf2 knob in the captain's ACP anymore to get rid off the ATIS -loop when the frequency was set by the sim's 'com1 default ATC'-window And just to check. When the ATIS freq is set by the com2 section of the sim's ATC-window, playback is also okay (VHF2 knob needs to be pressed down) Thanks guys πŸ‘
  2. Hi Billy, when you look at the picture Olaf posted, you can see that the INT SVC knob is not pushed in. (White collor visible). The selector dial indeed points to INT SVC. When I set up the captain's ACP that way, this is indeed enough to stop the ATIS loop and hear replies/acknowledge ATC. As Secundator already said, the FO ACP is inactive In-sim's AI radio communications (ATC) option is set to OFF
  3. Well, there seems more to go on with default ATC. Not neccessarily connected to the plane. ATC broken - Community Support / ATC, Traffic & NAVAIDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums Maybe time to put more focus on IVAO,Vatsim, Pilot2ATC, ect....πŸ™„
  4. Your first intervention into this thread, you stated that you see issues with ATIS. Am I understanding it correctly that you changed the captain's audio control panel according to Olaf's instructions, and still hear ATC cutoffs? I am asking this because I just made the first flight in the upgraded version of the CRJ and configured the audio control panel the way Olaf suggested. Took off from EBBR, heading west. Then back to Brussels for touch&go and finally a full stop at ELLX. There were aicraft at the holding point, when taxiing I was number 2, at luxemburg 1 plane had to go around,hand overs to different ATC services. No stutters/cutoffs encountered during the flight. (VHF1&2 on, selection knob to INT-SVC. Captain's side) I left the FO audio control panel untouched and always start my flight from Cold&dark.
  5. Hello Olaf, when the radio panel is configured that way, the stuttering is indeed gone and ATIS playback is normal. When the selection knob is not set to INT-SCV, or VHF2 is not "pushed in" ATIS playback is interrupted. Thank you for sharing.
  6. They are not alone. When the maddog md82 was released, interaction with default ATC and the radio panels was broken as well. Not sure what is going on here, from a developer's point of view
  7. Yes, I read it as wel. Hope you get it sorted out. I did the update through Aerosoft One the day after it was announced here on the forum
  8. Happens after the latest update. Parked at EBBR I am using the default ATC window to do the tuning (COM1) As sayed, the ATIS info is not playbacked. It keeps repeating itself after "Brussels Ai..." When I then tune in Ground frequency, the ATIS message is playbacked correctly. However I could only reproduce this once, so now when changing to ground freq. the ATIS stuttering stops. (Normal behaviour) All switches at the captains panel work as designed I have tried this in the 700 and 1000 variants. Anyone with the same issues?
  9. The installer (Aerosoft one) "Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 550/700/900/1000" installs all 4 variants. No need to run the CRJ550/700 seperately here. And yes running additionally the CRJ 550/700 installer generates a fault message. Not shure what you are saying....
  10. It all depends on which way you want to go. If a specific gate is important to you, you 'll need charts with gate numbers. If it is not that important to you which gate, you could contact ground after vacating the rwy, and then dial into the vgds app the received gateway number. This way you trigger the taxi ribbon (if enabled in the sim). Or... taxi around, find yourself a suitable parking gate (Not occupied by AI/multiplayer, next to your fellow simmer πŸ˜‰) and then dial in the corresponding gatenumber (Before lining up to taxi in). Happy flying/taxiing 😊
  11. Dju, .... Well I tried 😁. This sim keeps me amazing on the level of detail it can display. All eyecandyπŸ˜€
  12. I am assuming here that you are looking for a way to find the gate you assigned in VGDS after landing. You could contact ATC (Ground) after landing. They will assign you a parking spot. However there is little chance that they will assign the same gate/parking spot that you choose in the VGDS app. So no taxi ribbon to guide you. I am using navigraph for knowing the numbering of the gates and its position. Aerosoft also bundles the navdatapro app with some addons and free charts. There is a layout of Brussels parking numbers as well. It is all part of the flight preparation , or if you have some time when enroute, one could study the airport layout πŸ˜‰ Taxiway numbering is also pretty accurate modelled (Tnx Jo) πŸ‘
  13. Yeh, I was thinking the same. 😊 And with Aerosoft being a big partner with Asobo, who knows ... πŸ€”
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