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  1. Yes, that is the one I was looking for. Did not know it was already modelled into a flightsim. I guess this saves me a trip to China...šŸ˜‰ Thanks for telling
  2. How about this one? https://matadornetwork.com/read/worlds-largest-airport-will-open-china-2019/ Seems like a challenge :-)
  3. A small update here Just ran the new small installer. Provided email adres and serial number .Within some minutes scenery was downloaded and installed No major problems here Johan
  4. I was just a little troubled by mleuck's post, as far as I knew Aerosoft never used 'a small download starting a large one' in the past. So I checked in my account and only today noticed that Mega Airport Praque was indeed replaced by a small file (118 kb) with no Version info. I keep my files stored on a NAS, so I don't access my shopaccount that much. Should probably check out now what has changed with this airport. Anyway, thanks for your time. Johan Keep up the hard work -:) , I'll keep spending -:)
  5. Hi Mathijs 'That system' = complete packages available through DL shop/Aerosoft servers? versus only a installer that needs access to internet/other product's developers servers for further download Maybe I got it all wrong, but could you tell a little bit more please. Why this change of policy? Which developers are meant with other products Thanks in advance Johan
  6. Sir, it is no big deal. AS launcher is part of the addon, it can be installed optional. It takes 5 seconds to do its job I'd rather you redirect your resources to the future Sincerely Johan
  7. To Mr Mathijs, I uninstalled the scenery , redownloaded it today from my account and reinstalled it using this installer There is no difference with the installer I had stored on my NAS. The same message pops up at the end of the installation. I hoped that the use of AS Launcher was left out of the installation routine, because this product (AS Launcher) is not supported anymore It is probably semantics , I realise that the word activation is associated with an active internet connection during install and a validation server running. Which is not the case. I should not have used it this way in my previous post. It gave a wrong impression. Johan
  8. Okay thanks, I will check in my account for a more recent version Johan
  9. Hi, I am also on fsx gold. The installation routine of dangerous airports ended with a message that the scenery needs to be activated. You have to run additional the Aerosoft Launcher. It finds dangerous airports automatically. Marks it in red. After selecting the addon in the launcher, it does some things offline with the scenery. Afterward you are good to go in fsx. Hope this helps Johan
  10. Hello, Here is a small update. I am opening a new topic because the one from februari is closed. I hope this is oke. As part of a new clean installation, I today installed.Mega Airport Paris CDG for FSX again (DVD version). I noticed that one can nowadays download an update file through the support database, that removes the invisible objekt collisions on the airport. Maybe one small remark. Only a small issueAt the end of the update, the installer launches a VimaCore-module-installer. Unfortunately it replaces a newer version, which it shouldn't do. Thank you aerosoft that you are still supporting this older scenery. Regard Johan
  11. It is hard not to worry. I do know now that it is possible. Especially my last attempt with clean installation of OS and no drivers installed, makes me confident I can showcase this file wiping on every combination of hardware, any place any time... So everyone is hereby invited for a demo Sir, Appreciate the effort (adding a function that simply prevents touching other files). Thank you and your team However , this file wiping thing is far too intriguing to let go Johan
  12. Just downloaded the bronco installer again , using the Mirror World option. The file is now also the latest version (283 521 688b created 28 feb 2018) Aerosoft, you must be doing something?
  13. Do I have to be worried now, each time i run an installer that my flightsim files will be deleted? Clearly , downloading, unzipping and running successfully an installer is no indication that there CAN go something wrong?
  14. Sir, with respect. That is not good enough explenation for me. I do have here 2 versions of your installer. One deletes all files under the flightsim folder, the second (283 521 688b created 28 feb 2018) is oke
  15. Just downloaded the bronco installer from my DL-account again. (Mirror EU) Everything is okay now. No problems anymore. No deletion of files I notice that the file has been changed and the creation date is rather recent For your information: the file downloaded through Mirror World is still the old one ( AS_BRONCO-X-FSX_P3D_FSXSTEAM_V121.exe 283.521.944 18.08.2017 09:00 ) I am very curious now as what did happen?
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