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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. Just wanted to wish the whole Aerosoft team & people involved a happy new year and many happy landings in 2020. Thank YOU ALL ! Johan
  2. Hi Capt Pero it is great that you are still supporting fsx/fsx-se/p3dv3. I realize that these 32b flightsims will become obsolete sooner or later (If not already). Developers are of course looking to the future and there will be a lot of work. So, I am asking you that we could drop this issue on the second PC. I am going back to previous version (1.9.2Rev15) and disable autoupdate. This works for me Thanks for all the hard work Johan
  3. Back in business with Simstarter V1.9.3 Rev4 in P3Dv4 mode -:) 64-bit flightsims are the future... Johan
  4. I have done this right now (D:\Aerosoft\SIMstarter NG\data\P3Dv3\settings.ini) No change. The critical error message is still there However I noticed strange thing. After Simstarter NG closes, the line I have to replace is back there Is there a second place where another settings.ini is located? Looking further into it Johan
  5. Sorry, did not know. Done -:) Made sure running with admin rights. No change Will look further into it today Johan 20191216-10h55m05_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  6. And some more info because closing the 'program settings window' causes some problems, I tried this on my main flightsim PC with Simstarter NG started in P3Dv4 mode. The following happens: The 'Use different situation settings ' is greyed out (Not usable). It seems I was a little to quick stating in my first post that there are no problems with Simstarter NG in P3D v3&4 mode
  7. Hi again. On the second PC (FSX only): Just found out: after clicking on the oke button for closing the 'program settings window' the unhandled exception message (See 1st post) appears Hope this helps
  8. Hi, I have also a second license installed on a second PC with FSX only. The same on this PC, after updating to V1.9.3 Rev 4 , I am out of business -:( However I managed to create a support package Both PC are kept up-to-date and are on Win 10Pro V1909 Build 118363.535 Yesterday the new AMD Radeon Software Adrenaline 2020 package was installed on both PC's 20191215-21h22m59_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  9. Hi Capt. PERO, Wilco -:) sorry for the delay, just returned from Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt... Following: I have taken following steps: -Start Simstarter NG, enabled autoupdate -After autoupdate completed restarted Simstarter NG in P3Dv3 mode -After program start I checked whether debug logging is enabled. It is by default. -However, after clicking on the ok-button for closing the dialogwindow, I receive message: Critical error: no aircrafts found! Simstarter NG terminates. -Following attempts to start Simstarter NG in P3Dv3 mode have the same outcome. --Luckily all my aircrafts are still in the simobjects folder of P3Dv3 -:) -Next, started Simstarter Ng in P3Dv4 mode and created Debugpackage Then there is a log file also... I am not a programmer, hope this helps Johan 20191215-20h37m51_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip SIMstarter NG.log
  10. Hi first of all I want to thank the developer of this fine program. With the help of it, I can finetune my flightsims to my needs. As up to today I was on V1.9.2.Rev15. It handled fsx/fsx-se/P3Dv3/P3Dv4, which are installed parallel on the same machine, without problems. Today, at program start-up, there was a message to update to V1.9.3 Rev4 (Autoupdate enabled). After downloading and installing the update, there is an error message when simStarter starts for FSX and FSX-se. No problems encountered when choosing P3DV3 & 4. Please, do not tell that simstarter ends support for fsx/fsx-se with this new version. After choosing continue, there is second picture. To solve this I am back on V1.9.2 Rev15 and disabled automatic updates. No problems with this version Johan Westhovens
  11. Yes, that is the one I was looking for. Did not know it was already modelled into a flightsim. I guess this saves me a trip to China...😉 Thanks for telling
  12. How about this one? https://matadornetwork.com/read/worlds-largest-airport-will-open-china-2019/ Seems like a challenge :-)
  13. A small update here Just ran the new small installer. Provided email adres and serial number .Within some minutes scenery was downloaded and installed No major problems here Johan
  14. I was just a little troubled by mleuck's post, as far as I knew Aerosoft never used 'a small download starting a large one' in the past. So I checked in my account and only today noticed that Mega Airport Praque was indeed replaced by a small file (118 kb) with no Version info. I keep my files stored on a NAS, so I don't access my shopaccount that much. Should probably check out now what has changed with this airport. Anyway, thanks for your time. Johan Keep up the hard work -:) , I'll keep spending -:)
  15. Hi Mathijs 'That system' = complete packages available through DL shop/Aerosoft servers? versus only a installer that needs access to internet/other product's developers servers for further download Maybe I got it all wrong, but could you tell a little bit more please. Why this change of policy? Which developers are meant with other products Thanks in advance Johan
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