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  1. Thanks Joachim for sharing. Carenado's Mooney is indeed a fine aircraft and it was already on my wishlist, as I used a real one in the 90's for my IFR training & qualifications. Hope pushback through ATC menu & active checklists will get implemented in the near future. Maybe a SDK issue? Johan
  2. Hi Joe, pushback works for me in new flightsim through ATC menu/Groundservices. Nice animations -:) If their is no groundservice available, SHIFT+P works as well with every plane. (As in FSX/P3D) Johan
  3. Have not bought anything yet through MS shop system. So I cannot help. As Herman stated, your best chance is through their support site. Johan
  4. At the positive side, there is plenty room for improvement. 😉Thinking add on developers, Aerosoft, Airbus😁
  5. Hi Ron55, Had the same problem for my CH Pro pedals and VirtualFly TQ6. Manually made a mapping template and all good now (Almost) Johan
  6. Well , it takes some time. Lots of coffee 😉 I had a short night sleep, but have already read that there could be sometimes problems uninstalling and reinstalling. Instaling the PC new is always a good thing to do 👌 For me, the sim is up and running, I am going to leave everything as it is for now. I will be replacing my mainboard,cpu and ram at the end of the year. Then I `ll do a complete new install as well Happy flying
  7. Hello Hightower2020, I had the same problem today. The Box-content (±90Gb)was copied to my c-drive (SSD)(Default install path) . There was about 60Gb free space left on the C-drive after the copyc process finished. Then aerosoft`s installer launches the store application, where I could link my serial code to my microsoft account. So far so good. Then that same message as yours pops up, stating it needs 127Gb of free space. My guess here is that Microsoft store makes a mistake while calculating the needed free space. It does not take into account that there is already 90Gb installed for owners of the Boxed version. I redirected the store installer to another harddrive. After that there was an additional ±28Gb downloaded. I found 2 additional folder on this other harddrive: 1-WpSystem 8Gb 2-WindowsApp, I do not have access to it At this point I have no idea where the last 20Gb that was downloaded are installed The flightsim is up and running😊 However I do not like this split installation, I am going to look into this tomorrow Just sharing... Johan
  8. Hi Tomasz5, after successfull installation of the DVD,s there was an additional download of ±25Gb for me Up and flying now 😊 Johan
  9. Belgium here... Received my copy this morning 11am. 😎Thanks aerosoft and UPS👍👍 Johan
  10. Hi Marius, I missed the language option as well. Could you confirm that I have the english version? (Ordernr: 1120230750) Thanks in advance Johan
  11. Okay, disregard this question please. Just checked into the shop. Should have done this first. All clear 👌
  12. Just wondering. Will people that order a hardcopy of the new flightsim that is sold out, get a notification during the order process?
  13. Amazing, stunning. It 'll be my first addon for the new flightsim😁
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