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  1. Will every brand in the game be licensed? I see a lot of trucks and vans with no brand on it... Or is only MAN licensed? Looks very good and fun btw!
  2. I heard a rumour that GayaSim will restart the development of EBBR. I found it on a FB-post of one of the developpers. They are starting up again as Gayasim and said that EBBR will be made. No idea if it is with the support of Aerosoft or on their own.
  3. No pun intented... Oh well, we will see what we'll get, I have time. In the future, I won't post information anymore when I see on the local sites here in Belgium. Maybe you can find it yourself. Still with kind regards, but disappointed in your response (it was only for helping out so that this product can become top class). (I have to admit, I have high expectations for this one )
  4. I know, the post was purely informational... In the past there was mentioned here that scenery will be updated for the next 2 years after release, so maybe it can be an update at some point?
  5. Looks like the dev will have some extra work New jetbridges on the B-pier including A380-jetway(s) https://www.brusselsairport.be/pressroom/brussels-airport-invests-52-million-to-equip-pier-b-with-new-boarding-bridges/
  6. Can we take an option for an update of the airport in the year 2040? https://www.brusselsairport2040.be/ Kind regards!
  7. I hope, now that Genoa is released, the developper will work 100% on this release! So keep up the good work!
  8. Maybe now genoa is nearly released, all focus will go to Brussels... I hope As it is the same dev. But let them take their time, I rather have a good product then a rushed product...
  9. Maybe nitpicking, but should the colour of the jetairport-building be a bit darker/blue in colour? A reference pictures: credits go to the original poster. Or is it due to the fine Belgian weather that it looks a bit greyish And take a look at the following site for the deloitte-building, which is constructed next to the old tower: http://www.jaspers-eyers.be/deloitte-hq This is the site of the architects which has designed the building. Maybe other members can give you pictures of the airside view of the deloitte building?
  10. Again, a nice video of the airside of Brussels airport! Can be helpfull for adding the buildings/sings/antenna's on EBBR? All credits go to the original poster!
  11. Hey Razgo, We surely appreciate all the effort and time you (and your team?) have already put into this scenery development! At my work, I also get zero appreciation for what I'm doing... For some it will never be good enough... But I'm eager to see all this in my simulator! It will be great, that I'm sure of !!!
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