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EDDM too much rain/water on rwy etc.


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when it's raining, I can't see barely any runway or taxiway/apron ground markings, especially on approaches. The water texture it just overlaying everything. 

I there a way to reduce or erase this? 




(P3Dv5.2 HF1, ActiveSky, Envshade)



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I know, you guys have probably only M$F$ on your minds but could the developer or distributor could at least be so nice and comment on this?

I'd rather have no rain effect on the runways than not seeing markings etc. .. Is there something I can turn .off to get rid of this? 



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  • Developer

Could be, that with V5.2 and or HF2 the internal PBR handling has changed.

The responsible developer is not available this time, we have holidays time at the moment here. He will take a look into it, when he is back.

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vor 10 Minuten, OPabst sagte:

He will take a look into it, when he is back.

Hope he does. You wrote something similar (that he’ll be back next week & will take a look) on the „Seasons Color/Texture Issue“ I documented and seeked support for some time ago, but unfortunately I never got any further response after that.

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@disco79stu from my personal opinion, you can wait for a pretty long time for any constructive feedback. It's only two months since your request, so no time to rush. The easiest way is to disable a .bgl located in the scenery folder of sim-wings Pro Munich which will disable the water/snow layer. Same for Hamburg.

There is another fix to change the glass fronts of T1/T2 with a new alpha layer chanel which should fix several issues with the buildings front as well.

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