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"too low terrain" after every takeoff

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What am I doing wrong here?  Nothing seems missing as far as systems messages etc, take off, put gear up, while climbing away from the runway I get "too low terrain" every time.  Can't figure out if it's me or the aircraft having a bug.

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I noticed the same and I was also wondering to know if is the CRJ terrain radar "so sensible" or if it is a bit "too much" sensible in the sim.

Even on really flat areas (over the sea) performing a smooth departure (anyway higher than minimum 3.3%) gives me often the audio message for the first hundreds of feet.

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Flaps still configured, it happens frequently.

Much more I also do not get why is givinhg the "TOO LOW TERRAIN".

While taking off, in case the GPWS read an altitude loss after take-off (but is not anyway the case) should give the "DON'T SINK" audio message and only the orange GND PROX light should be flashing. This according to the Mode 3 of the GPWS.

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I have this issue as well. Last time I posted a thread about it months ago, Mathijs thread-locked and user-blamed and provided no fix. 


Still three months later the CRJ is in just as bad shape throwing off false alarms on every takeoff and most landings making the CRJ unflyable for me. 


See original thread here: 


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