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  1. Any chance to get something official from Aerosoft about?
  2. Is known that traffic (cars) of the street in the tunnel below the runway is passing ON the runway?
  3. Hi guys, I read some time ago onto your Main Website the announcement of LIMC for MSFS as "under development" project. Instead in your forum I cannot find anything more (like A330 thread....). Is there any chance to have a dedicated thread for Malpensa where you also share some pics of this scenery development status? Cheers Andrea
  4. The only think I am sure right now is the fact that itr works pretty well at the first flight. Whenever I do continue doing turn-around and a second flight immediately after... all the worst things of CRJ comes out all together. The climb "Speed based" is totally gone for the fist 18/20000 ft of climb, I must switch to V/S to mitigate as a workaround in order to avoid a smooth climb together to an overspeed and crash of the a/c. But, as you well said, nothing fixed up in the last months /(neither the orrible LNAV behaviours for turns greater than 60°). CRJ was nice project, but looks like to have been placed "aside" with no further real improvements (first overall things like LNAV, climb by SPEED, HOLDINGs....).
  5. Asking since March about...but still a big open issue.
  6. I found on yesterday a new issue respect the past flying onto the CRJ900 for almost the first time (always flown CRJ7 for months). I performed an ILS approach (ILS Z RWY 04R in LIPZ) and I performed a Missed Approach, all good right now. Along the Missed Approach I had to reselect a new approach procedure to make it again and I selected a second time the ILS Z 04R. From that moment onward the autopilot was UNABLE to follow up the LNAV navigation to join again the ILS and was unable to follow the LNAV path along the missed approach I performed again. To be much more detailes, was able to "join" a TF segment between two points, but at the turning point was NOT turning at all, just keeping a straight route going out of the prescribed procedure. I tried the same several times in a raw , going around and reselecting the ILS, always the same wrong behaviour. This was NOT happening before the last updates.
  7. I can corfim as well. Is much more "impacting on performances" the CRJ 900 compared to the 700. With the CRJ7 I do normally obtain 55/58fps (limited to 60), with the CRJ9 I got 40/42fps, same route, almost same everything.
  8. Hello all, since March I'm still unable to let the a/c joine automatically an hold correctly, it continues doing all "he wants to do" without following the predicted holding entry. When this quite big issue will get solved? It does not enter the hold, and neither follow an hold correctly once is commended... a bit useless for such activity. Thanks for bringing an update
  9. I am recently experiencing tons of times issues with the SPEED mode of the autopilot while climbing... Devs have identified the cause of the issue? Recent world updates may be the cause? (latest hotifix)....
  10. I do have two questions for you: Do you have the latest 1.0.6 version installed (where ILS GP was mainly fixed up)? Do you keep you speed over the Vr giving enough thurst to keep the a/c stable? If not the a/c will somehow pitch down.
  11. I can say to you I "often" delete the content.xml in order to force the sim to "recreate" it from scratch. First time you'll open the sim after such action will take a bunch of minutes to load but then works normally better. Consider that everytime you may have installed a scenario/mod whatever...a line into this .xml file will be added by the sim. Such line won't be "removed" if you later on uninstall a scenario/airplace or delete a mod. The only way you have to do not have a "wasted" content.xml file is or to keep it manually updated (I won't do it) or to delete it and force the sim to recreate a new "addon list" from scratch based ONLY on what is in such moment into the community folder. Cheers
  12. Andrea P.


    Don't think so.. Holdings were not mentioned. RF are Radius to Fix legs, nothing relared to holdings in any way at all.
  13. Hello Aerosoft, just doing a ping on some mine topics not "answered/confirmed" yet... hoping for a fixing someday... Cheers
  14. Hello Aerosoft, just doing a ping on some mine topics not "answered/confirmed" yet... hoping for a fixing someday... Cheers
  15. Hello Aerosoft, just doing a ping on some mine topics not "answered/confirmed" yet... hoping for a fixing someday... Cheers
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