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  1. No DME Arc on the chart above. Is a CF (Course to Fix) segment [fix defined by crossing indication) followed by a right turn to Intercerpt the Loc inbound Course.
  2. I do confirm, the intention is to have a course to be intercepted after the point (which should correspond to the Radial crossing indication 036°. But I also noticed how, often, where a turn to intercept is defined, the CRJ is turning on the opposit direction -.-
  3. I may try, strange to say but I "never" recorded anything in my life on the PC Keep you posted when I have a video and/or further inputs (luckly I may also find something repeatable). Tks for now!
  4. Further details from today. It happened again but I realized in which condition. I made 2 flights in a row with a short turn-around time on ground. When I arrive while vacating the RWY the FMS is resetting properly, I switch on the APU while taxiing and I park the a/c. Then I place in AUTO the APU GEN source. I switch off GEN 1 and 2 switches, switch off the throttles to shutdown engines and I switch off the FUEL pumps. A this stage I just to my turn around and prepare the next flight in therms of FMS and Weights (with EFB). Once I load the new route and I make it active th
  5. Still after a loooot of flights I have issues with the not direct entries. A Direct entry works. The others 2 not at all, at least this is what happens to me in whatever situation I tried in the last month. Is any development in progress about holdings?
  6. I was struggling with that since yesterday. Not found yet a clear condition where it happens. Is not a unique happened situation, it happened few times in the last days but not consequently situations. Unfortunately up to now I'm not able to replicate (even reloading twice the same flight setting..nothing). Aaaadn exactly, looks like if sometimes is missing to load some of the functionalities at all. In case I'm able to find a "steps sequence" to replicate it I keep you posted but not the easiest thing to replicate this time.
  7. Not sure to have got the answer. I never saved this Nav display behavior. Looks like it was not "loading" a part of the Navigation Display functions...
  8. Addition. Also heading bug, predicted real track with wind correction....
  9. I just loaded another flight with my CRJ and decided to get rid of the wind indications, aircraft location and I don't know yet what else from the Navigation Display. They completely disappeared since the beginning of this new flight with no reasons...
  10. Hello, thje CRJ suddenly disappeared from the installed addons list and looks like "not installed" now for the sim!! I bought it through you directly.
  11. I noticed the same and I also noticed how it happens if I "break" in multiple times... let's say I use breaks for a while on runway, then release to vacate on high speed exists and here I brake again and here we go, doubled landing announcement. Probably is not related, but I noticed it is happening in such way to me upon now. Where instead I reduce to 20kts prior turning to leave the runway onto a taxiway I have a single announcement.
  12. Same behaviours since day0 for me.
  13. I had the issue above in almost all flights I did up to now since the day0
  14. FPL are loaded as "Secondary FPL". Go to such page and you will find it (once you press the button to load them). THen form there you can activate the fpl as primary one. This allows to load a new FPL even "in flight" as alternate or as a subsequent flight and activate it later on.
  15. Have you checked well? I mean, when you load an FPL it will be stored as "Sec FPL", not the active one. So, after having loaded the FPL please go the secondary fpl page, here you should find it. Activate the FPL as primary one and here we go
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