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  1. Not sure if it's the same thing you're seeing, but I just loaded the CRJ's up just to see if they'd even load and noticed flickering banded textures everywhere that should be shadowed etc.
  2. Yeah I can't find the update on the site either. Doesn't show up in my store account and the AS Updater says we must download from the site as a new installer is to be used.
  3. What am I doing wrong here? Nothing seems missing as far as systems messages etc, take off, put gear up, while climbing away from the runway I get "too low terrain" every time. Can't figure out if it's me or the aircraft having a bug.
  4. Thanks for the bank info. I’ll try the half bank next time. Yeah I saw the RNP thing. Kinda disappointing on that. Didn’t realize it actually couldn’t handle them and assumed it could. Lol I was all happy to have a second plane besides the freeware CJ4 mod that I could use with navigraph data and not have to pick runways with ILS in some cases. That’s ok it will just force me to not rely on autopilot as much for approach. Altitude issues aside on the approach in this case (came in way too high) I also found out the last leg before the runway is offset but it was very easy to maneuver the plane to line up. So I’m definitely looking forward to a lot more trips in it now that all these fixes are in.
  5. Just did a flight from LFKJ to LFKB with the following route LIBLO L146 BTA LIBL5S to RNAV16 approach. The end of the LIBL5S is about a 180 degree turn to the last waypoint which is the first waypoint of the approach as well. When the plane got to the start it turned way too sharp and was facing the correct direction but way to the left of the proper course and I had to quickly correct "as usual" with heading instead. I was hoping this kind of behavior would be fixed in the last two updates this week but I guess not? This is the only plane in the sim that seems to have this issue. To its credit it did handle the around 80 degree turn from the RWY 2 heading at LIBLO without issue though. Should I be turning on a bank limiter or something on approaches?
  6. Toggle reverse NEVER worked on the CRJ in MSFS. There have been many threads about it here. Yeah we're stuck with the "reduce throttle" option which makes it impossible to control the level of reverse unless you actually own a throttle with a real reverse axis.
  7. Thanks, I noticed this too. I just flip it up and down before even applying power and it stopped it from happening. No idea why.
  8. Man I hope this supposed fix is coming soon. Just pulled the CRJ out for the first time in a while and first time with a Bravo quadrant. Every movement of the throttles one or the other jumps way down. Like trying to reduce from 80% to say 70% to descend and one will drop to like 50% then works its way back up while the play yaws around. Didn't have the issue or at least not as bad before on my 15 year old X52 throttle but that was only single axis as well. Guess it's going back on the shelf for a bit after I land until the fix
  9. Prepping for my first CRJ flight after upgrading to a Bravo. I know of course about the AP panel issues and will eventually move to configuring that with AAO's but for now I have throttles, flaps, speedbrake and gear mapped to appropriate levers. I've noticed when I load in and turn power on I get a "gear disagree" audio message that plays once. Any idea what this is about? The gear lever is set to gear down both in the throttle/bindings and the plane itself shows the lever is down.
  10. Am I doing something wrong in setting up the FMC? even after today’s update the aircraft turns way too early for the next waypoint on sharp turns then starts a left/right bank cycle trying to work its way over to the new track. I end up having to go HDG mode and intercept the correct route again. I see this is going to be an issue on Vatsim. Even successive waypoints in a a straight line while on an airway for example it wiggles before each one.
  11. Wow that worked excellent. 5 FPS gain on my system with all the things powered up. About a 16% gain for me at 3440x1440. I might leave it like this at least until Asobo fixes the known FPS problems and we see where the CRJ really sits.
  12. Wow you guys weren't kidding, I went from 29-30 on a 2080 Super @ 3440x1440 to 35-36 when sitting on the ground. Now I debate with myself whether to leave it like that.
  13. Anything below about 40 is noticeable to anyone using a Gsync "compatible" monitor with an Nvidia card because as soon as it hit that (on most models) the monitor kicks out of Gsync as you need an actual Gsync module to keep the sync going in low 20's. It's a very noticeable "stutter" once the sim hits low 30's or below if you're looking around.
  14. Got a question about the overhead panel. The DC Service switch. What is that for? Tutorial doc says "we'll leave it off for this flight" or something like that. None of the other documents even really talk about it other than mentioning that it's there. Soooo, what does it do and why would we turn it on or off?
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