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Whats wrong with the wingflex ?

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Is it just me or is the wingflex completely weird on this aircraft ? If i set up my wingview and taxi with around 10-15 GS 90% of the wing seems to be ultra stiff except at the very end of the wing where the winglets are - this ending is shaking very fast and it looks totally unnatural... anyone else experiencing this ?

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Videos are actually a poor reference. Because the camera is moving independently of the wingtips as viewed against a background, the effect in a video is almost always exaggerated.


To visualize, are those people and the aircraft in the opening scene really jumping around as seen? Or point your cellphone camera out a window looking at whatever is out towards the horizon, with a reference point like a sticky note in view on the window. Take a short video moving the camera up and down a few times, then view the video. It that reference point really moving up and down like that?

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I thought it would be a bug, but since its not fixed in the latest updates maybe they think this looks right?! I really don't think so.

I'm not a professional simmer, I didn't even fly the CRJ in real life - but the wingtips move like a sheet of paper in the wind after touchdown. Where is the momentum?
Maybe they wanted to show some vibrations from uneven ground - but that would be much less intense and frequent in my opinion. 

Feel free to compare, barely any flex or vibrations:


And now watch this wobbly stuff...


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vor 51 Minuten, Guy9 sagte:

Another interesting RL video.

There seem to be effectively some "vibrations" on the ground

Thanks, good video!
Yes, there are some vibrations visible - but they are much less frequent and its not just the wingtip. :)

I think Aerosoft should improve this. Just a bit slowing down of the effect would be more realistic.

The actual state looks like rolling over cobblestones, lol.


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