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  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on your twotter! Great news about the release and price!
  2. pron hub? My first flight will be st marys on isles of scilly to exeter hopefully in the UK's skybus livery.
  3. of course, two are mine unfortunately the video has since been deleted but my thread was the first time it happened and it was at a smaller airport in brasil a while ago as you can see so i cant remember details that well but exactly the same happened although this time when i changed the arrival it looked like a spider diagram with points all over the place so i manually deleted the whole lot and thats when it occured . The other two threads are by other people who have encountered the problem so it would be best to contact them for information. Also you can see people have posted on here to say they have the same problem so again those people would be best placed top help you their end as the information i have given you about my experience is as thorough as i cant make it. In regards to the duplicate waypoints on the arrival being created i have experienced this pretty much everytime i have changed the arrival, i fly mainly to eu airports from/to the UK.
  4. Awesome that you recreated it, now ill explain the reason i and im sure all the others that have come across this issue have done so, its because if you change the arrival as it seems to be "the correct way" it creates multiple duplicate waypoints. This is a major issue when on an approach and a VATSIM controller tells you to change the approach last minute, sometimes the flightplan that gets entered is completely unrecoverable. This isnt a egte exception it happens everytime ive been told my arrival has changed in the aircraft duplicates are created some airports way worse than others. I was looking for another way to change the arrival without creating duplicates when i came across this issue in the first place this video i created was the second time i had reported as the first seems to have lost all traction months ago, as you can see from the 3 or 4 topics by other people on here now i am no longer alone with this issue and more users are coming across it so it really isnt an exceptional case but i am really glad you have managed to re create it as mathias said "We have never been able to recreate this" so its good it can now be tracked by a source closer to the devs, like you say the fmc and all systems should not freeze up like this from a few presses of a button. Hopefully now the issue will be identified and it can get worked out to stop users running into it in future. Thank you for taking the time to recreate the issue.
  5. following the above i myself have created a profile for the crjx based off weight information hopefully this is correct. https://www.simbrief.com/system/dispatch.php?sharefleet=425502_1636826866461
  6. Hi has anyone had any luck creating a simbrief profile for the 900/1000 ive got the one for the 700 that was posted on here a while ago but could do with one for the new versions. thanks.
  7. exact details are above i think the only thing thats missing is the flight plan is filled from simbrief. maybe thats why aerosoft hasnt reproduced so far? the easiest way to recreate this is fill in a flight plan from simbrief and then delete the arrival data and change the which arrival was used. As mentioned above by doing this i can recreate on teh ground at eham.
  8. it has been said in another topic that this is being looked into now and is on the to do list, mathias said anyways
  9. I assume a purchase from just flight of the 550/700 would be fine to use with the aerosoft store version of the 900/1000 as they both work off the aersosoft installer but just wanted to check in case you have to buy both from just flight? Thanks.
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