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  1. i get this all the time, if i have to chnage an arrival route it goes mental the only way round it is to delete everything up until the start of the arrival and re enter which arrival you want to use.
  2. man this is looking good i cant wait! exeter - isles of scilly here i come!
  3. yeah i tried to delete the ones i didnt want including the model and texture files but the options to select them still showed up in msfs liveries screen although the actual livery wasnt there just a white box where it used to be so i think i missed something?
  4. yeah this is about the liveries aerosoft provided with the aircraft I wish to delete them.
  5. Hello, is there any update to this? thanks.
  6. appologies been away a while, i bought from justflight and i have the steam version. Thanks.
  7. Couldnt find the topic for this as the liveries one is requests and progress, im tryuing to delete the default liveries of the crj700, so far ive delted each model and texture folder of the liveries i wish to remove but the boxes to select them in msfs are still visible with livery name and just no thumbnail image so ive obviously missed something. Has anyone had any luck deleting default liveries completely? Thanks.
  8. i had the exact same wingflex during turbulance as on the ground shaking very fast as described a bove did look a little strange for any aircraft to have that type of wingflex
  9. Oh yes of course, i my self have already found atleast one file which is causing problems (completely unrelated to the CRj) it seems atleast some of the 3rd party airports are causing issues, my community folder has over 380 files in so its a slow process
  10. Well atleast now we know its not the main CRJ file then if you were able to test with the update before its released. Thanks for the reply.
  11. We’re you able to test the crj with this update? It appears FBW were able to test the a32nx a week prior to the update to confirm limited to no issues? Atleast if you have done we can narrow it down to something other than the main crj download
  12. I’m getting a ctd around 10 mins after take off every time at the moment. I’m currently working my way through the community folder to ensure I can isolate the problem. I’d suggest you do the same as it most likely is a livery as mentioned
  13. Ok ill give it a go thanks, the main thing im having to do so far is just manually delete every waypoint up until the start of the arrival and then putting in the new arrival very time consuming and certainly not ideal for use with VATSIM.
  14. Terribly sorry i assumed the FMS was a system as well. Have reposted there. Hopefully now my post will be seen by someone that understands the problem. Thanks.
  15. Ok I had a search and couldn’t find anything related to what I’m experiencing but if this is a repost I do apologise. A few times now I have had to edit my selected approach whilst flying and it never seems to go right. I mainly fly using VATSIM so the ability to change approaches and often runways at short notice is a must. So far it appears that when I do it it doesn’t replace the old approach or runway but instead adds it on so I have to the go through the legs and frantically try and work out which points I need to delete. From the little I have experienced am I right in saying I should be able to just select another approach or runway and it replace the current one or is there a step I am missing? Help would be appreciated!
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