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  1. just for information this N1/N2 position has been treated in the thread below : Answer given by Michael: "This seems to have differed by variant and airline. I think most 50s had the gauges configured as you say. However, my United manual has them with N1 on the main panel. And the 62 series aircraft I was able to get into had N1 on the main panel. In FSX/P3D thrust is linked directly to N1, or corrected N1 to be more exact. So a lot of time was put into getting the N1/EPR relationship exactly simulated. N2 simulation is OK, but not as simulated precisely like N1. And if I simulate EPR sensor icing at some point, you are going to want to see N1 to set power. So given the choice, it made more sense to me to put N1 on the main panel. "
  2. Thanks for the detailed explanations. I have it working now ! You have to create a high-airways IFR flight plan to have it being entered in the INS. The AP follows well the waypoints of the INS but I saw some light 'aileron-fluttering' while doing this. This fluttering does not appear when using HDG. Also when engaging the vertical speed on the AP , I saw some severe pitching oscillations before it stabilised on the correct value. I saw also pitching oscillations on ILS approach. Plane seems to react very sensitively to speed modifications in this phase. But probably with some more experience I will master this ! Fortunately manual flying is very easy , a joy ! All in all, pleasing plane ! 😊
  3. I would also be grateful for a POPUP of the AUTOPILOT. 😊 On those older planes where the AP is situated on the pedestal you have to "look down" to operate it. That can be dangerous. So a popup for the AP would be very welcome. I would even say it's almost a necessity.
  4. Hello, I bought this Dc-8 , installed it and have made a first (successful) flight. Seems good plane with many systems and manual flying is quite easy. As I am more an occasional simmer and not so an INS-fan I tried to use the default flight plan (gps) . But I found no way to make it work. The usage of Gps seems to be desactivated. So I had to use HDG finally for lateral navigation with autopilot. So My question is : 1)Is there a way to make the plane follow the default flightplan (without using Ins at all) or if not, maybe 2)Is it possible to create a default flightplan and introduce it automatically into the INS (there are other add-ons who offer this possiblity) It's just a question so Please do not shout at me for not wanting to use the INS 😊 Thanks in advance. Guy
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