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  1. I noticed that when attaching the jetway to the CRJ, the top of the awning cannot close around the fuselage, is this normal or is it a bug in the plane or the simulator?
  2. I find the effect very inorganic, I think they could make it smoother
  3. I tried now again, and he even captures the glid, but after a certain time he loses it, it is as if the plane did not make the correction it would need to keep aligned on the descent ramp during the ILS approach even though I kept it at the reference speed . this did not happen in the old version. I have the Marketplace version of msfs2020 Here is a video showing what happens.
  4. mine after the update is no longer able to do the ILS procedures successfully, I captured the GS, but he did not hold it I did countless tests, and none of them managed to make him follow the glide
  5. The Aerosoft Crj is not rendering an ice formation around the aircraft or even forcing it through the developer mode, it is as if the effect did not exist, but the aircraft behaves as if the ice present was present, I realized this taking off from LOWI where it had heavy snow and the plane remained without the effect. has this defect already been reported or does it already have an answer for that?
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