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refuses to climb (altitude)

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Try cycling your airbrake. 


The CRJ should have no issue climbing on climb thrust setting up to its 41,000 feet ceiling unless influenced by external factors (wind for instance) or badly configured. 


Most of the time I saw someone mentioning issues climbing is due to a a bug in the simulator with the Thrustmaster TCA sidestick, which pulls the airbrake (without a visible movement of the lever) and/or flaps whenever you go in the menu. Not sure if the issue exists with other controllers as well.

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I still have this issue although thankfully not nearly as often. When it does happen, I hit the "/" key to deploy the spoilers then move the spoiler handle in the cockpit back to forward/stowed position with the mouse, and the jet responds by resuming the normally expected climb and/or acceleration profile appropriate for that segment. And for what it's worth, this doesn't happen on the first flight after starting the sim but rather a flight thereafter. My theory is there is a connection to the issue with ground spoiler deployment on the first flight.


Give it a try, can't hurt...



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One important thing to do is, whenever you have to go into the menu, go into the drone camera first.


This will deactivate your ability to control the plane, and bypass the glitch. Once you're out of the esc menu, you can go back to the cockpit camera. 

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40 minutes ago, scorpian007 said:

You can also unbind the spoiler/flaps axis on the TM Quadrant if you dont have the add-on for it. This fixed it for me with other aircrafts when I first got the TM Airbus Officer pack.


I have now added them back in as I've got the add-on now.



That is actually a big find!!  Nicely done.  I have all mine unbound in the MSFS bindings but plenty use it directly with the sim....  I am still waiting on my Add On Pack there might be plenty others without it and since they don't plug in separate this is a big pro-tip!!

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