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  1. Given that the Twin Otter released today, I suspect the AS team is quite busy. I'm optimistic that these bugs will get investigated once the dust settles; however, I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  2. I have found it easiest to assign custom views, since there are so many different things to look at in the CRJ. Cycling through the views would take longer than I'd like.
  3. @USSMongoose What exactly is happening (aircraft stops climbing completely, climb rate slows to near-zero, aircraft loses speed, etc.)? Are you following the climb profiles used in the tutorial flight (SPD mode, 250 kts below 10,000 fts, then 290 kts until M 0.74)? Have you set the weights correctly using the EFB (i.e. clicked set twice), and are sure the aircraft can reach your target altitude based on weight and weather (don't always trust SimBrief)? Do you have Wing A/I on (which uses engine bleed air and reduces overall thrust)? When I've had issues climbing/reaching target altitude, it's always been my fault for doing something wrong (except for when Asobo messed up the temperatures in live weather...).
  4. Once you mentioned it, I realized how dumb it was to think that any aileron input would trip the warning...
  5. I have noticed this too, but I just assumed it was correct behavior for the CRJ some reason...
  6. I've seen this happen a couple of times and yet it always catches me by surprise.
  7. I have experienced this a couple of times, and the culprit has always been that the ATC Assist setting was turned back on after a sim update without my intervention.
  8. Do you have Elevator Trim mapped too? That is what needs to be used to adjust the trim for takeoff.
  9. I've found some settings get randomly changed after an update... it's super annoying!
  10. Now I'm wondering what airport(s) would have this type of weather frequently (i.e. where are you most likely to have to fly an approach to CAT II or CAT III minima?)...
  11. This post outlines the process for re-engaging SPD mode after leveling off.
  12. Based on the transition from IAS to MACH, I'm beginning to suspect the bug is right and the displayed Mach is wrong...
  13. @Jersey1985 You should transition from IAS to Mach earlier during the climb. Typically, this occurs at 290 kts = M 0.74 (about 29,000 ft). It should also happen automatically at 31,600 ft (which will be closer to 290 kts = M 0.77). Trying to climb at M 0.81 will result in very slow vertical speeds, as most of the thrust is needed just to maintain your airspeed (the typical CRJ cruising speed is ~0.78).
  14. Unless something has changed, the automatic switch-over in the CRJ occurs at 31,600 ft. (along with the automatic half-bank engagement). If you wait until that point, 290 kts is ~M0.77 (so you have to manually switch from IAS to MACH at FL280 to maintain M0.74).
  15. It appears that the target mach is reset to the current mach at 31,600 ft (switch over point). I will typically manually switch from IAS to MACH at M 0.74, and reset the target to M 0.77 (to account for this offset behavior). The aircraft will continue to climb at M 0.73-M 0.74, which will cause the target mach to change to M 0.73 or M 0.74 at 31,600 ft (resulting in a climb around M 0.72 if I don't remember to reset it).
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