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  1. Adding attachment images from the previous post since I can't add them while editing apparently.
  2. @Hans Hartmann Like many others, I have the same blank screen issue. The log doesn't even update (but I'm attaching it anyway) and I get three separate errors in my events. I managed to make it work once by uninstalling and reinstalling ALL of Aerosoft add-ons I had, but the problem has returned since. I also get an error when installing. Apparently the installer has issues installing the FontReg license text files (2 of them) and the only way to do it is skipping them. Any insight? ASUpdater_App_Log.txt
  3. It's interesting that so many developers are partnering with bigger publishers for MSFS lately. Mind you, this is absolutely not a complaint. I love not to have to track down a million things for updates @TDM Scenery Design the screenshots look great. Congratulations for the partnership
  4. What about Japan? Naha airport in Okinawa is one of the busiest in the country and it's completely borked in the sim due to outdated bing map data. It's missing a whole runway and the ortho is split in half because of older/newer photos, with the beautiful shallows surrounding the runways in disrepair. Who in their right mind would not want to land here?
  5. If developers are required to have a gate assigned by MSFS's ATC for the guidance system and stuff like marshals to work, it's an issue between MSFS itself and VATSIM/IVAO. VATSIM is partnered with Asobo, so they should take the issue to them. It's not Aerosoft's responsibility to solve an issue derived from the fact that VATSIM controllers can't interact with the simulator's ATC system.
  6. Aaah I see. That's great. I actually never knew you could select that before a flight. This is doubly helpful, as add-on developers tend to be a bit... whimsical in marking gates and parking ramps as pretty much whatever, often resulting into 320s sent to the cargo apron instead of the jetways haha. 😂 Edit: works like a charm. Thanks for breaking another "can't be done in MSFS" thing.
  7. How do you activate them in Cologne? I have the airprot but I actually never noticed them because they appear deactivated to me.
  8. Oh... it really does look like it. Different lighting, but the models seem identical down to the placement of cars and such. Even some of the screenshots are shot from an identical angle. I imagine you are working with TDM on this @Mathijs Kok? No need to wait. a320nx by FBW, Citation by Working Title... Turns out MSFS has more (and way more advanced) IFR aircraft than previous sims had 4 months after their release. 😎 The CRJ is gonna be the cherry on top.
  9. But that's not what they're saying I'm perfectly fine with people liking X-Plane and P3D (as much as I'm personally done with them). The issue I have is the panic that leads people to diss MSFS's value as a simulator.
  10. It's funny how some people can't get this. I've seen lot of goons over the past few days falsely construing the delay as "hey look! We told you, MSFS is not a true simulator! Come back to P3D and Xplane plzplzplz!!!" 😂
  11. The problem is when you do notice the visuals. It usually means that they're crap
  12. Some of the pro pretend pilots will tell you that visuals don't matter 😂 Edit: and quite obviously one got triggered 😂
  13. If you can't operate the a320nx effectively, especially with the wealth of tutorials there's online (even from real pilots) the issue is on your side, not on MSFS'. The stuff about "not trusting Microsoft" is laughable. They've already done better and faster work on this sim than any previous sim's developer after launch. The reason we're eagerly anticipating the CRJ is because the sim doesn't have a regional jet, and regional jets are some of the most interesting to operate, exactly like many are waiting eagerly for the Twin Otter, because the sim doesn't have a isla
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