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Immersion V2 for the Aerosoft A320 prof Issues

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once again, after a plenty of tests with all the immersion plugins (PMDG 744, 748, FF 777, B737) I came to a conclusion:   All immersion plugins

are working except the one in connection with the Aerosoft A320 prof (severe  graphical issues!).  I do not agree with some point of views  made by Aerosoft:   "This is a matter of the

devs  who created this immersion tool bla bla bla! "

I give you an example why I have annother point of view:    a german manufacturer produces car equipment  which fits to almost every car on market

except BMW cars for instance. Now the BMW company blames the "equipment company" to change/modify their products  in order to be compatible with

their products.


I think that BMW should ask themselves  why this equipment is not working with THEIR  models. BMW should try to find out  the possible reason

which causes this issues!

By the way I'm a very good customer since years. I spent hundreds of euros for your products.

Until now I was very satisfied with Aerosoft. But in this case I'm a little disappointed  that you leave

me alone with my problem.


with kind regards

Bernd Schwarz



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On 16.9.2020 at 16:59, Mathijs Kok sagte:

It's very simple, we did not create this tool, we do not how it works, we do not own the copyrights. What exactly would you like us to do? 


vor 11 Stunden , masterhawk sagte:

My only hint is VRAM. The A320 in v5 already requires a high VRAM (latest reallight might be better now). Immersion might rise the requirement.

Well, I do have a RTX 2070 super with 8 GB VRAM. This shouldn't be a problem!

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On 16.9.2020 at 17:26, Eduard Gasull sagte:

Try to understand it that way...

why you will call for support to Airbus for a plane that was designed by Boeing? you may better knock on Boeing´s door.

Try with the developers of "the immersion pluggin" they will help you. 

Sorry my friend,

I don't understand your kind of argumentation. In Germany we call it "limping example"! Airbus and Boeing are two different pairs of shoes. But in this case

there is an immersion plugin created for the Aerosoft Airbus in order to upgrade the graphical quality in my opinion.

Even Aerosoft would benefit from this kind of immersion plugin.


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