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  1. Hi, I just learned on the the FS2crew-site that there is an update (v. 4.1) for the a330 pro. As I purchased this tool on your site I have to download it directly from here. Please tell your product manager about this change. Thank you in advance. cheers Bernd Schwarz
  2. Thanks! funny abbreviation! 🙂 cheers stay healthy Bernd
  3. Hi, could you please explain what AFIAK means? Thank you! with regards Bernd Schwarz
  4. Hi Mathijs, thank you for the reply. Although I DO HAVE the latest charts and I DO HAVE the latest versions the EFB does not show the aircraft. I tried several airport (Frankfurt, New York, Amsterdam....) - no positive results. Please give me an example for an airport where the aircrafts are shown on the TAXI-Map. I would like to check it out! Thank you in advance. with regards Bernd Schwarz
  5. Hi Mathijs, any news in case of the above subject? I tried several airports! As far as I remember there wasn't any airport where the aircraft was shown on the EFB! I would really appreciate if you solve this problem! Thank you in advance. with regards Bernd Schwarz
  6. Hallo Heinz, hat sich erledigt. Vielen Dank! Gruß Bernd
  7. Hello Heinz, I was checking my account in order to download the version 1.10.1 beta. There is version 1.10.1 shown although it's still version 1.9.16. I encountered this after installation of this version. So something went strong. The Beta-Version 1.10.1 is still missing. I would appreciate if you find a solution. cheers Bernd
  8. Hi Peter, there is something very strange. On my account there is Version 1.10.1 shown. After downloading it I tried to install. After installation there is still v. 1.9.16 shown on the screen. Do you have an idea! I would like to try the Beta-Version 1.10.1. cheers Bernd
  9. Hi Petter, thanks a lot. I have already found it on my account-site. cheers Bernd
  10. Hallo Heinz, richtig, die Version ist 1.10.1 (sorry!). Sie ist aber bis dato bei euch noch nicht Online! Kannst du das mal bitte abchecken! Vielen Dank. Gruß Bernd
  11. Hallo Heinz, in the meantime Flightfactor released a new beta version - v. 10.0.1 Maybe aerosoft could offer it to their customers on the account-site. Thank you in advance. cheers Bernd
  12. Hi everybody, is there a way to download this beta-version although I bought the FF b777 on the Aerosoft site. The skunkcraft updated doesn't work. Is there anybody with an idea? cheers Bernd
  13. Hello Heinz, it is working!!! My mistake was to load SSG first and then tried to update it. Maybe this was the reason. Thank you so much for your kind support!! Stay healthy. cheers Bernd
  14. Hello Heinz, thank you for your reply. The SkunkCrafts does not work for me because I bought this bird on your site. Anyway I'm dependent of Aerosoft's update activities. 🙂 with regards Bernd
  15. Hi, few days ago SSG released an update (v. 2.1.2) about the B748 in order to fix sound issues with xplane 11.50. I would appreciate if I can download it at your site. with kind regards Bernd Schwarz
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