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  1. Okay, thank you for NOTHING!! This communication is finished for me!!!
  2. Sorry my friend, I don't understand your kind of argumentation. In Germany we call it "limping example"! Airbus and Boeing are two different pairs of shoes. But in this case there is an immersion plugin created for the Aerosoft Airbus in order to upgrade the graphical quality in my opinion. Even Aerosoft would benefit from this kind of immersion plugin. cheers
  3. Well, I do have a RTX 2070 super with 8 GB VRAM. This shouldn't be a problem!
  4. Hi, once again, after a plenty of tests with all the immersion plugins (PMDG 744, 748, FF 777, B737) I came to a conclusion: All immersion plugins are working except the one in connection with the Aerosoft A320 prof (severe graphical issues!). I do not agree with some point of views made by Aerosoft: "This is a matter of the devs who created this immersion tool bla bla bla! " I give you an example why I have annother point of view: a german manufacturer produces car equipment which fits to almost every car on market except BMW cars for instance. Now the BMW company blames the "equipment company" to change/modify their products in order to be compatible with their products. I think that BMW should ask themselves why this equipment is not working with THEIR models. BMW should try to find out the possible reason which causes this issues! By the way I'm a very good customer since years. I spent hundreds of euros for your products. Until now I was very satisfied with Aerosoft. But in this case I'm a little disappointed that you leave me alone with my problem. with kind regards Bernd Schwarz
  5. I keep the P3d version 4.5 This kind of issue never happened in the past. My graphic-card is GTX 1060 6GB. cheers
  6. Hi, just purchased the immersion plugin for the Aerosoft A320 prof. After installation the A320 prof is not working anymore. My graphic-card crashes with the message DX Gi_Error_Device_Hung. This never happened before. I suppose it's a matter of incompatibility in connection with the a320 prof. The same happens with the a321 prof. The a330 prof works flawlessly. After deinstallation of the immersion plug the a320/321 work without any problems. I made a fresh update of my graphic-drivers. I suppose it's not a P3d specific problem. I repeat: This issues ONLY happen in connection with the Aerosoft a320/321 professional aircrafts. cheers Bernd Schwarz
  7. Hi everybody, I just installed the a320 immersion tool I purchased on the Orbx Central site. Afterwards the a320 prof is not working anymore. My graphic-card crashes with the message DXGi_Error_Device_Hung. This issue only occurs with the a320 prof. It's not a general problem with P3d. The other aircrafts work flawlessly. Do you have an idea. Thank you in advance. cheers Bernd Schwarz
  8. Hallo, es gibt für den SSG 748 seit einigen Tagen ein neues Update V. 2.2, welches auch den Frachter beinhaltet. Da ich diesen Flieger bei Aerosoft gekauft habe, kann ich mir dieses Update nur dort herunterladen. Das Skunkcraft-Tool funktioniert in diesem Falle nicht. Es muss die volle Version (ca. 1.5 GB) heruntergeladen werden. Hallo Aerosoft, seid bitte so nett und stellt dieses Update in den Account-Bereich. Vielen Dank im Voraus. mfg. Bernd Schwarz
  9. Hi, there is a new update including the freighter version (V. 2.2) of the SSG 748. Normally updates can be initiated with the help of the skunkcraft-tool. In this case it does not work. Aerosoft could you please post the update under the account site because I bought this aircraft at Aerosoft. Thank you in advance. cheers Bernd Schwarz
  10. Hello Heinz, just want to inform you that everything is okay. Flightfactor clarified everything. Now it's possible for me to register the FF B777 under my actual serial key. Thank you for your help. It's always very pleasant to have contact with you guys from Aerosoft. Continue your excellent customer service. cheers Bernd
  11. Hi Heinz, I'm still waiting for a reply from Flightfactor helpdesk. I just learned that there are two versions of the Beta-Version 1.10.02. I suppose one for the basic Worldliner the other for the Worldliner(Extended) versions. Maybe you swaped the update for the extended-version to my account. This might be the reason why my serial-number does not work. I purchased the wordliner basic version. This is just a guess!! cheers
  12. Thank you Heinz, I will try to figure it out. cheers
  13. Hi Heinz, there is a problem to install the version 10.0.2. On one hand the version 10.0.2 beta cannot be installed although I entered the serial number when I purchased the older version of b777 at your site. There is always an error message when I tried to paste my serial number. On the other hand the version 10.0.2 as you posted is not really the actual version but the version 10.0.1. So something went wrong! Could you please solve the problem with kind regards Bernd Schwarz
  14. Thank you Heinz! Have a good time. cheers Bernd
  15. Hi, I was checking the actual update on x-plane.org for the FF Boeing 777. There is a new Beta-Version 1.10.2 As I bought this bird at Aerosoft I would like to use this version. Could you please post it on your site. Thank you in advance. cheers Bernd Schwarz
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