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Problem is I did my 1st flight in p3dv5 with the a330 and performance was smooth like me wife's bottom :) The AC handled well without any problems. 

So thanx AS for a job well done.

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I can fully agree here. After several flights with the A330 and the A318-321 in Prepar3d v5 HF1, I can say no problem with those aircraft! Framerate friendly as always and even more important in P3Dv5 very GPU memory friendly. Great job aerosoft!

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Thanks for the kind words but we simply know other users have issues we need to address.


Some of these issues are caused by P3D V5, it has some serious issues and we know Lockheed is working on those. Other issues are caused because RealLight, that we need to use in the A320, is still in beta and has issues on some machines. This affects users that are running low on GPU memory hard (other aircraft using RealLight have exactly the same issues) and the only way to fix that is to remove RealLight and use an different technology. But iI will be honest, that's a brutal process, using up a tremendous amount of our resources for many weeks. Delaying other projects and bringing in no money at all because we feel that asking an update fee for P3d V5 versions would not be correct.  To put it in Euro and Dollars, we call that a shitload of expense.


So the plan at this moment is to wait for the update that we believe is pending from Lockheed. If that does not solve the GPU memory issues, I will have to decide on what to do. It is a bloody complex decision.

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