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  1. Hello, it seems that the frequency recall functionality on the FMS is broken. From the Manual: - PRE/RCL 1 // LSK 2L Indicates currently set Pre-Set COM1 frequency. In case the pre-set frequency is activated the previously active frequency is displayed as the recall (RCL) frequency If I select the preset frequency and then up select it with LSK1L to be the active frequency the preset frequency remains unchanged. That means I have the same frequency twice now. Besides that entering frequency's with the FMS or RTU works perfectly since the update. Regards Gerhard
  2. Hello, I'm having a hard time tuning frequencies with the MSFS version of the CRJ. The RADIO TUNING UNIT (RTU) seems to accept frequencies with 8.33kHz spacing most of the time. However I was unable to tune Munich tower on 120.505, the RTU jumps from 120.500 to 120.510. On the FMS Radio Tuning page only 25kHz seems to be possible. Besides that there is one digit missing compared to the P3Dv5 version (120.75 vs 120.750) I don't know if this is intentionally. Thanks for your help! Regards Gerhard
  3. 40 fps, that’s nice! Maybe I would get this en-route but I fly locked at 30 fps and I’m pretty sure you talk about a clean installation. I only lock at what I get during departure and approach with the add-ons I have installed. So primarily Active Sky for Prepar3D beta #6 and #7, GSX Level 2, Traffic Global and of course diverse airport scenery. Yesterday’s flight took me to EBBR BRUSSELS (JustSim). With some clouds I had about 15 fps on the approach with the CRJ which is flyable and about what I get with PMDGs 747 Today I flew to EIDW DUBLIN (MK-STUDIOS) with overcast skies and rainy conditions the AS Airbus A320 had about 20+ fps on approach. That’s pretty good and about what I get with the Maddog. But to prove it I made a little test now. EBBR BRUSSELS (JustSim), Gate 155, 12:00 UTC, Fair Weather, Turnaround mode: Aerosoft A320 at 30 fps (locked) CRJ 900 fps pulsating around 20 fps (16-25) That's actually more than 20%. Regards Gerhard
  4. Hello, unfortunately I noticed the same performance issue. I do have the CRJ and all Airbus Pro variants installed in Prepar3D v5 HF2. So far I completed only two flights with the CRJ but the relative low framerates (about 20% below the Airbus) did surprise me. But this is a very subjective perception - I did no thorough testing. Regards Gerhard
  5. First of all I would like to say thank you to Aerosoft for updating quite an amount of airports to Prepar3d v5 very quickly and for free. But as an experience from many years of flying in the sim I know that after every simulator version change I’m going to lose some of my airports. Still here my list of previous purchases that have not been updated, some not even to v4 und some have been published by other developers in the meantime: EDDR SAARBRUECKEN-X EDFE FRANKFURT-EGELSBACH-X EDFH FRANKFURT-HAHN-X EFHK MEGA-AIRPORT-HELSINKI FSX-PREPAR3D EHRD ROTTERDAM-X FSX-P3D ENVY Vaeroy X LDSP SPLIT-X LFBO AIRPORT TOULOUSE FSX-P3D LFKC CALVI-X FSX-P3D LIEO OLBIA-X FSX PREPAR3D EDDS STUTTGART PROF EDDE ERFURT EDLW DORTMUND EDDT BERLIN Tegel PROF EDNY FRIEDRICHSHAFEN PROF EDHI HAMBURG Finkenwerder EHBK MAASTRICHT-AACHEN ENBR BERGEN X ENTC TROMSO X LDZA ZAGREB PROF LIME BERGAMO PROF LIMJ GENOA X LIRA ROME Ciampino USCITIESX-LOS-ANGELES USCITIESX-SAN-FRANCISCO USCITIESX-NIAGARA-FALLS-BUFFALO GMAD AGADIR Al Massira (FSDG-AEROSOFT) LGTS THESSALONIKI (FSDG-AEROSOFT) LGIR HERAKLION (FSDG-AEROSOFT) LPMA MADEIRA X Evolution (MK-STUDIOS+AS) LIRN NAPOLI Capodichino X (MK-STUDIOS+AS) LIRF ROME Fiumicino (MK-STUDIOS+AS) Regards Gerhard
  6. I can fully agree here. After several flights with the A330 and the A318-321 in Prepar3d v5 HF1, I can say no problem with those aircraft! Framerate friendly as always and even more important in P3Dv5 very GPU memory friendly. Great job aerosoft!
  7. Hello! Why is the Airbus A318-321 installer creating a "Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Gauges" folder to install RealLight and TrueGlass. I have Prepar3D v4 completely uninstalled and fight only with Prepar3D v5 at the moment. In the "Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Gauges" folder I can only find TrueGlass from a previous add-on installation. Regards Gerhard
  8. Hello, I found this "Volatile Environment" now. However if I look it up from my default account it will show the path to the AppData of this user. However this is not the path were I have my config files. They are under my admin account. I have it this way since many years and never had a problem, because I run P3D with admin rights anyway. No big deal anyway I know what to do now. Thanks for you help! Gerhard
  9. Hello, I could not find this entry at the location you pointed out, but you still guided me in the right direction. Usually I work with a standard user account and start any installer from there with admin rights. So far this worked with all Aerosoft installers, but for EDDF I actually had to sign into my admin account and execute the installer. I got it installed, but I still don't understand if this a error in the installer or some rather annoying new feature. By the way at the end of every P3Dv5 airport installation I get this Message (Even, when I'm logged in as admin): Regards, Gerhard
  10. Thanks a lot for this very quick fix. Everything is back to normal.
  11. Hello! Why am I only getting a slideshow with about 3 fps at GCHI El HIERRO PROF V5? GCLA and GCLP are working flawless.
  12. Hello! The same problem seems to exist for LGSK SKIATHOS. The download page still lists "(29P_SKIATHOS_V1-5.zip - 20.11.2017 09:40:00 | 771 MB)" Best regards, Gerhard
  13. Hi Chrieger, You are absolutely right, I checked several of the German Airfields and all people are gone. Seems like the older Luxembourg installer overwrote the newer German Airfields 11 libs. Besides that I found out that the "Airport Config Tool" link for the German Airfields 9 scenery is broken. There is also one "German Airfields Manager" shortcut but the destination folder does not even exist. Really disappointing compatibility between this scenery's, especially if you consider that all three products are from the same development team: CR-Software. Regards Gerhard
  14. Hi, Reinstalling fixed the problem #1 at ELUS. The hovering houses could be an incompatibility with the FSG NEXTMap Europe 9.6m Terrain Mesh. They go away when I disable this scenery. However I like this detailed mesh! The Airport Config Tool is still not working. Does this "ini" look right? [CONFIG] GermanAirfields09=1 GermanAirfields11=1 Season=3 AirfieldsAI=1 LuxStatic=1 LuxAES=1 Language=1 MipMap=0 [PATH] LuxembourgAirportsPath=F:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft\Luxembourg Airports VFR-AirfieldsLibraryPath=F:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Aerosoft Thanks, Gerhard
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