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Issue with the Regiobus i200

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I have a strange issue with the Regiobus i200 addon. After some time when i insert the bus in Omsi,  the grass textures start to blink. The blinking texture is actually

one of the buses own main textures. It looks like some kind of a memory leak. I noticed that taking the light frame out out of the main frame (scripting)

does fix the issue, but on the other hand the issue is not in that script. I took the light script from the Citybus i280 and got the same issue. The Citybus works fine.

So my conclusion is that it has to be the "co-operation" of the scripts of the Regiobus, which causes the issue.

And no, it donesn't happen with any other bus, not with the Citybyus i280 or something else like the SD200.

Has someone else had this same issue? Unfortunately these "disco lights" make this really good addon unplayable. :(


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Thanks, ManuelNorge.

Did yout test with the Regiobus? I haven't got these issues with any other bus, not even with the Citybus.


I have the 4GB patch installed. Normally that causes issues only with really big maps and then the symptoms are usually white textures.

I did test with your settings. I got the issue again.


I also made some more tests:
-i ran memory tests for both GPU and main memory, although i didn't very much think that this would be caused by faulty memory, the symptoms are usually different - > all tests passed

-i tested running Task Manager at the same time with Omsi and killed programs running at the background and some processes as well to make sure that no background processes cause the issue -> nothing found this far




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Ok, i continue with this a little bit.
First of all, i found a small bug (one variable didn't get value 0 when it should have) in the ligts script of this bus and fixed it but it didn't fix the issue.

I had a short discussion with Nikita Lipunov, the main programmer of Bustrainz in VK:
"Nikita Lipunov:
this is due to the use of lightmaps in interior lighting. it consumes a lot of memory, it overloads, which leads to such a result"

I tested to convert the light map textures to smaller format, 15 files from 14,3 Mb to 466 kb. That didn't fix the issue.


And sorry, i wasn't able to tell before, what exactly causes this issue to happen. Now i know it. It is the cabin lights.
If you turn on only 2 of the 3 cabin lights, everything works fine, but if you turn them all on, you get this issue in 30 seconds normally.


Unfortunately i wasn't able to fix this issue, but a good workaround is only to use 2 of the 3 cabin lights.
Despite of that i really hope that Bustrainz would be able to fix this. This bus is pay-ware.





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