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"Not Allowed" Message in FMC_Plan-Mode

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Hans, a little question.
If I go in plan mode through a flight plan, arrow key down, it works perfectly. 
But if I use the arrow key up, I get the "Not Allowed" message in the FMC, but I can go up in the flight plan without any problems.
This message exists since the first version of CRJ´s.
Is this just a "blemish", or is there a reason for it?






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I must apologize, I have mixed up the arrow keys.
So, arrow key up works normal and you can scroll through a flight plan in plan-mode, also with arrow key down I can scroll through the flight plan, but additionally this "Not Allowed" message is displayed.
So why this message?


vor 21 Stunden , Hans Hartmann sagte:

I think the (VECT) leg is the problem here because

In Plan mode the FMC does not check the plausibility of the flight plan. You can scroll through the whole plan up and down.


Ok, so it looks like my CRJ´s has its own personality 🙂





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This behaviour is not related to any airport or procedure it is every time if you have created a flightplan, switch in plan mode, go through the whole plan step by step.

At any point in the plan if you go a step back thesè message appears.

Both arrow keys work well.

For me it seems that these message has no influence to other functions of the CRJ.



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