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  1. i7-10700 (upgraded from i7-7700) fixed the isssue. Now there are almost no stutters and framerate is always between 40 and 60.
  2. I had a similar problem. Honeycomb was not very helpful and I opened the Alpha Flight Controls. I found a bad soldering connection on this print. I resoldered this and the yoke is working as advertised. 
     Regards Alex


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  6. Thank you very much! I thought that tickets are only for software. It is the connector. Everything works perfectly fine but the problem happens only with the buttons on the yoke (that are connected with the ethernet cable). I already had those settings.
  7. Hello! I bought a Honeycomb Yoke two months ago and used it very rarely and a problem started happening about 2 weeks ago. Buttons on the yoke become unresponsive very often whyie flying. Buttons start to work for a while if I move the cable a little bit (at the connection at the base of the yoke). Something is wrong with the plug at the base of the yoke. I cleaned the connection and that didn't fix the problem. I tested with another cable and the same thing was happening. This is my first time buying a hardware from a shop that is not in Slovenia and I don't know what to do next. I bought it at Aerosoft. Should I get in touch with Aerosoft or Honeycomb? Thank you!
  8. Thank you! I can't wait to fly my CRJ in V5!
  9. Hello! I am super excited and can't wait for Prepar3D v5! I am just wondering what are the plans for CRJ and Prepar3D? All aircraft addons needed an upgrade for v4 because of 32bit -> 64bit transition. Will CRJ need any updates since the new P3D will also be 64-bit but the new v5 will use DX12? Regards and stay healthy!
  10. Do you have any tweaks in Prepar3D.cfg? You might be having a some sort of texture scaling/resolution tweak in .cfg. Try to delete Prepar3D.cfg and then adjust settings in P3D without tweaks.
  11. I am so happy to say that my FPS problem is fixed (but I am not sure how)!!! Changes I did before CRJ started working again (today): 1. Reinstalled a PMDG aircraft (I had problems with letters and number that were missing on displays. I think some fonts were missing) 2. Removed a file called F1GTN.dll from P3D\Garmin. I uninstalled Flight1 GTN a week ago and that made no difference. Today I was going thru P3D folders and files and it was strange that there was still a file from F1 GTN in the Garmin folder so I removed it. After CRJ started working, I installed Flight1 GTN again and CRJ it is still working. I am not saying that those two changes fixed the problem. There is very little chance that PMDG reinstalled solved the problem because it has nothing to do with AS CRJ. But there is a chance that it has something to do with the GTN. There was maybe this F1GTN.dll running alongside AS CRJ. Is this even possible? ________________________________________ A question for developers Is it possible for P3D to run 3rd party .dll that are not in both of dll.xml files? Lets assume F1GTN.dll was running. How did P3D knew where is that .dll if it's not in dll.xml? ________________________________________ I still don't know if this is a "miracle" or something might happened with Windows 10 (without knowing) or maybe one of those two changes fixed it. I will continue the search so I will be 100% sure what was causing it and other users might be able to fix it. ________________________________________ A question for users that have the same problem I had: do you have Flight1 GTN installed?
  12. I don't have it in my .cfg and I have never used it in P3D V4. I also don't have any tweaks in .cfg. Rebuilding it also doesn't help.
  13. HT on or off doesn't make difference in my case. It is very interesting that sometimes CRJ randomly works (very very rarely). But after restart, the same problem continues. I have just found another very strange thing. I installed the old CRJX to test it and it has the same problem - frame rate drops to around 17 when screens are rendering (working). I think something is wrong with rendering of the screens. I have also tried making an exception in antivirus for main .dll gauge file for CRJ. I wonder if A330 would have the same problem on my PC but I don't own it. I am so confused 😮
  14. I am spending hours every day trying to fix it by reinstalling P3D, CRJ, C++ libraries... and figure our what is causing it. For me, this problems started a week after 2020 new year. I have a question for users that have the same problem; did you also start to experience this problem around the same time (a week after new year)?
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