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  1. Thank you! I also noticed that autopilot finds it very hard to stay on the course using radio VOR navigation (when I fly arrivals or departures without FMC).
  2. I also noticed that CRJ always crosses (overshoots) the ILS/LOC and ATC (IVAO) has to give me a correction heading for ILS almost every time.
  3. Hello! Did you close the APU door using APU PWR FUEL switch?
  4. And please add an option so we can choose if we want to link them or if we want them to work independently.
  5. Thank you, I can't wait to fly!
  6. Hello! Prepar3D v4.5 came out and I have a question before updating my P3D, is CRJ compatible with V4.5? Do I have to wait for the update? Thank you!
  7. I have just started a flight by loading the J-3 Cub and then switched to CRJ and half of the lights were not working - engine startup lights, lights on ELEC panel...
  8. I have been doing these steps for few weeks. Yesterday I made a EDDM-LJLJ flight and AVAIL light for external power was not working and the light on the ICE test button was also not working. On some flights all lights are working and on some flights all lights are dead. I have to do the LAMP TEST before preparing the aircraft for the flight to see if I have to reload the aircraft.
  9. Now I start Aerosoft CRJ by loading C-3 Cub first and this issue happened again.
  10. Thank you! Now I see I am not the only one having this issue. I hope Aerosoft will fix this in the next update. Everything else works perfectly (except this lights issue) like never before with the latest update!
  11. Not yet. When this problem occures I restart P3D and after restarting it works. I didn't have this issue in the previous version of CRJ. This issue started with version, the version that was needed for V4.4
  12. I always wait for APU IN BITE message to dissapear. When I have this issue almost all lights on switches are not working (packs, fuel BOOST punps and valves etc...), for example when I press CONT. ignition button there is no indication on the switch that shows it's ON (but there is a message on EICAS). Pedestal is also affected by this issue, when I make a FIREX test, there are no lights on Cargo FIREX panel.
  13. Hello! I have a big problem. Sometimes it happens that lights on the switches in the cockpit are not working. For example if I press on the button to start APU there is no yellow light, if I press the switch to start the right engine there is no yellow indication on the switch.... On some flights it doesn't work but on some flights it is works perfectly. Is also made a Prepar3D V4.4 and CRJ reinstall. Regards!
  14. Reinstalled the Aerosoft CRJ, updated to v1.2.2 and I was able to do flight EDDF-LJLJ, but I didn't have to edit FMC mid air so I don't know if it's fixed. I will tell you if it is working fine after few more flights.
  15. It happened while I was editing the SEC. flight plan on LJLJ-EDDM flight, on EDDF-LJLJ flight I was editing the main flightplan when it happened.
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