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Hi,   I've just uploaded my first repaint for this great aircraft: Eastern Airlines     Download: Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-8 (N8781R)   I hope you lik

Gudday,   Just posted my first repaint for the '8'. I think she looks gorgeous in the Air New Zealand livery.   I noted what appears to be a minor mapping issue at the base of the

Haha! Yes, it was good timing that the DC-8 was released the week where I have some spare time    Today's livery: Japan Air Lines Douglas DC-8 (JA8007)       G

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Hi there!


Anyone interested in painting this beauty?? Spanish charter airline common visitor across European and North/Southamerican airports during early 80s!




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Hi guys,


Thank you for all the marvellous livery’s you have produced. 
I was wondering about a “What if” livery for QANTAS. I know they didn’t use the DC-8 but that had the 707 of the same era and it would be great to see!

The attached photo is John Travolta’s 707 that Qantas painted for him. The flying kangaroo livery is typical of the era, and my favourite.





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Are there still any painters active?


I would love to get the Skybus cargo DC-8. Their OB-2059-P is still active today. At this moment it is doing a flight from Miami to San Salvador.




The livery is very easy. Would love to have it in P3d.


Regards Ronald

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