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  1. A DC-8 in the french Air Force colours would be great!
  2. Dear all, Is there somebody willing to repaint the AN-2 Aeroflot in desert colours? ( Picture attached ) Thank you in advanced! Kind regards, Bart
  3. Hey, Youre link is not working, where can i download this lovely livery? Kind regards
  4. Hello Everybody! Is there somebody willing to make a repaint of the ( fictional ) carenado Embraer 120 Brasilia in the ( old ) Cityjet livery ( with the red tail ) ? I hope there is! Kind regards, Bart
  5. Okay, i didn`t new that, thx for the reply!
  6. Hey Guy`s, Is it possible that somebody could make a repaint off: Aerosoft a318 in Cityjet livery ( the livery with the partly red tail and Air France / KLM titles on the nose )? Carenado Embraer 120 Brasilia with the same livery? Hope to hear from you soon, Kind reagrds, Bart
  7. Hello Guys, It seems that the repaints made by Detcord are all missing? I was looking for the a318 kingdom of the Netherlands, i downloaded once over here, but no its missing together with all Detcor repaints? Anybody have a clue were i can find it? Kind regards, Bart
  8. Hello All! can somebody repaint the simcheck a300 addon in the “ Schreier Airways “ livery? at least a Dutch a300 🙂 COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content instead.
  9. Hey Guys, somebody available to make a repaint off the Fokker F-27 in use with the Dutch royal family? kind regards, Bart
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