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  1. Hawaiian Air DC-8 WiP Obviously it still needs the stripes. Not sure if anyone is interested, but I think Pacific Crossings are needed in this bird
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I understand that they did not use the -50 at Flying Tigers,, but I love the Aerosoft version, so I am using this. You are welcome to the work.
  3. My Panagra paint is here and on avsim now. Still working on Flying Tigers between requests for Xplane paints and other planes. Hope to have it done soon
  4. I saw this topic area and wondered if people are able to use the Seahawk in P3Dv4? It was always my favorite helo in 2004 and FSX and now it is gone, so it would be great to hear that it works.
  5. All of my Aerosoft aircraft show up in the updater, but none of my scenery. I have a few friends who've told me that they have their aerosoft scenery there as well. I cannot figure out why mine isn't appearing. Is there a way to rescan my system or however it finds it so it keeps my scenery updated as well?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Pan American - Grace paint. It was requested in the forums by a user and this airline was one of the last users of passenger DC-8s
  7. Disregard. Got the hot fix tonight.
  8. Crossing the Pacific tonight and the voice set got caught in a loop of saying "Lights On" non-stop. No break, no pause. Just a continuous repetition of that two word phrase. I know this bug has come up in another form and forum, but it was closed to further replies without an answer.
  9. Is anyone working on liveries for the DC-8 anymore? I’m trying to find a Flying Tigers Cargo paint. I can’t find a livery section for the DC-8 on the download section here. Also, can someone tell me how to submit a paint I did. Thank you.
  10. I think someone requested this paint. Now I have to figure out how to upload it here.
  11. Colors are off by quite a bit. There is no purple in their scheme, but that's the dominant color in this repaint
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