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    Hi A quick question, is EFHK compatible with Prepar3d v4.5? Thanks Craig
  2. Hi, The turnaround takes around 30 mins. What I do is through GSX disembark passengers then once that is complete, load the loadsheet and load the flightplan etc. This occurs between 10-15 mins after shutdown. Cheers.
  3. Hi Previously I reported that the GPWS activates on departure from runway 12 using ORBX YBAS and the A320. I flew into and out of YBAS today and I think the GPWS activation maybe linked to the abnormal system behaviour. Usually when I fly into YBAS, I will complete a visual approach and set only the runway in the approach. The approach is completed, taxi in and shutdown. I then go through the turnaround process by loading the loadsheet and flight plan before closing doors and preparing for departure. When I select IGN/Start, the Wheels ECAM page remains visible instead of the ENG page. The wheel page was not specifically selected. After engine start and commencing taxiing, the takeoff checklist does not appear. And finally for descent, the descent point symbol is visible as well as the distance to TOD on the cruise page, although the Cruise page has to be manually selected. VNAV does not work for descent and a manual descent rate has to be applied. Speed changes operate normally. I do a visual approach to ORBX YBRM and don't have this system behaviour. Could the GPWS alarm be linked to the state the system is in? I am using the latest versions of the A320 and Prepar3D 4.5. Cheers Craig
  4. Sorry no I don't know. The screenshot which had the full panel was cropped and saved with the same name. If I see it again I will let you know.
  5. Hi Seems Airbus have come up with a new time convention. The waypoint in question is south of YPDN. See screenshot. Cheers Craig
  6. Hi Thanks for getting back to me. I tried to make a video but something went wrong. The GPWS alert is Terrain too low. I will try again to make a video tomorrow. Cheers Craig
  7. Hi Thanks for your reply. I am using Orbx YBAS, the A320 and the GPWS alert activates on every departure from Rwy 12. There is no difference in how the aircraft is flown departing YBAS compared to departure from other airports. Cheers Craig
  8. Hi When I depart YBAS on runway 12, the GPWS alert is raised soon after rotation and climb out. Does the GPWS annunciator remain lit for the remander of the flight or can the GPWS be reset? Cheers Craig
  9. Hi Stephen I have run some tests and the problem persists. But, if PFPX opens on the primary screen and it is then moved to the secondary screen without fullscreen, it works. It is important that PFPX is closed on screen 1 otherwise you have to disconnect screen 2 to get PFPX to open on screen 1. Not ideal bit it works. Cheers Craig
  10. Thanks Stephen. On one monitor it was working fine. I deleted both registry keys separately and tested but deleting the PFPX key seems to have done the trick. I will do some testing later to be sure. Thanks again for your prompt help. I appreciate it. Cheers Craig
  11. Yes I am. It worked fine previously
  12. Hi Stephen Thank you for your response. Sorry, yes it was a reinstall of 2.03. I have done what you suggested but the behaviour remains the same. Also when I reinstalled I got a message saying I have installed the program 6 times in the last 180 days. This is manifestly wrong. I have only installed it twice. Regards Craig
  13. Hi I recently reinstalled PFPX and set it up and it was working fine. Today I started PFPX and when I clicked on the window, the program 'not responding'. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled. The problem persists. Any ideas? Thanks Craig
  14. As I have reported previously, the engine shutdown sound is intermittent. If you do multi-sector flying, it normally works for the first shutdown but then is hit or miss for following sectors. I am running th latest versions of all the products so there is an issue with the code initiating the sound somewhere. As a side, the shutdown sound for the A330 sounds like the A320 shutdown not a high bypass engine.
  15. Hi I have been flying the A320 and A321 lately and I am getting figures like -2.2 for the A320 and -2.9 for the A321. With a DN trim of 2.9, when the throttles are advanced to Flex the warning trim out of takeoff range is annunciated. The trim has to be re-adjusted to be back in the range. This is a problem caused by the fuel planner. Also I don't use the co-pilot function. Regards Craig
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