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  1. Hi I was looking for LAN A320 but can't download through the homepage you have listed above. Is there somewhere else I can get an A320 repaint?
  2. craigy

    ORBX Sceneries

    Ok thanks for the information. I will scrub their sceneries off my list. Rgds Craig
  3. Hi Oliver I did a search but couldn't find an answer. I was wondering why none of the ORBX Australian sceneries had had the AES functionality? Rgds Craig
  4. craigy

    AES Config won't start

    Thanks Oliver, I didn't try to start config from the directory as administrator as FS was. All fixed now. Thanks again Rgds Craig
  5. craigy

    AES Config won't start

    Hi It is on the c drive in the x86 programs folder.
  6. Hi I have recently upgraded my operating system to windows 7 64bit. I have reloaded all the software and the scenery has been activated in AES. However, when I try to run AES config in FS9 and FSX, it doesn't connect to the running version of flights sim and the message instructs to close and open on an AES active airport. EGLL was light green ie active and aircraft is parked at the gate and brakes on, engines off etc. Any suggestions? Rgds Craig
  7. craigy

    Windows 7 and AES

    Thanks Oliver. Very helpful information I have been playing with the system and found that if I start flightsim and AES Help by right clicking on the programme icon and select run as administrator, AES starts fine and additions to the scenery library are stored. Then when starting flightsim normally, all is fine and AES works fine. Rgds Craig
  8. Hi I have recently installed flightsim (FS9) on a new install of windows 7 (professional). When starting AES help (flightsim not running) I get the following message 'vistamre folder does not exist. The file might have been moved or deleted. Do you want to create it?' Clicking yes starts AES help. When starting flight sim the message 'cant copy esellerateengine.dll'. Click ok Flight sim starts. When starting flightsim first. 'cant copy esellerateengine.dll' comes up. Once started, add a scenery to the library. Restart flight sim, and then start AES help and the following message comes up 'AES has detected a SCENERY.CFG in the virtual store. This can generate problems with scereries. Should AES copy this file to the FS main-path.' Click yes and 'Name you specified is not valid or too long' Specify a different file name. ok nothing happens. Cancel by clicking x AES starts and added scenery not visible in the airports list. Restart flight sim and it is missing from the scenery library. I am the only user of the computer and administrator. Any ideas as to what is going on? Rgds Craig
  9. craigy

    UK2000 EDN

    I am running FS9. I guess the F should be a P in the table of supported scenery. Thanks for the response. Rgds Craig
  10. craigy

    UK2000 EDN

    Hi I have added UK2000 EDN but it does not appear in the AES airport activation window. The scenery has been activated and AES is at the top. Any ideas? Rgds Craig
  11. craigy

    AES Fix

    Thanks Oliver. Works fine now. Rgds Craig
  12. craigy

    AES Fix

    Hi Oliver I have installed the fix but the services window still opens when their status changes. I am using windows XP and FS2009. Rgds Craig
  13. Thanks Oliver. All is ok now. It was when parked on the ramp and you are able to taxi directly from the parking position. Rgds Craig
  14. Hi I have installed version 2.03 and when parked at a location where you don't need pushback, eg LGTS, LGZA, on preparation for departure, the baggage container lifts do not withdraw from the aircraft. It appears that the programme hangs when there is no pushback tractor required. Has this been experienced by others as well? Rgds Craig
  15. craigy

    AES 1.99 bug

    Thanks. I had a quick look to see if it had been raised but didn't look far enough down the list of topics. Rgds Craig