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  1. Hi I was wondering what the logic was behind the FCTRL warning and alarm for the speed brake. Sometimes the warning continues continually displaying and the bell sounding alarm. Other times it doesn't activate in similar circumstances. For example, slowing down with a speed selected and speed brake extended to increase deceleration or maintain descent rate, sometimes the warning and alarm keep going off, other times only when the speed is reached and the speed brake is still extended. I am just curious. Cheers Craig
  2. Hi Mathijs Unlocking the framerate hasn't resolved the problem. I did a flight out of YSSY this morning in the A320 and got worse fps then I did with the A330. In the absence of other suggestions, I think I need to do a complete reinstall of the sim and scenery. Cheers Craig
  3. Hi I noted a previous topic about low fps in prepar3d 5 but I am having similar problems in Prepar3d 4.5 (latest version). For example, I just completed a flight from PHNL to YSSY. On the ground in PHNL I was getting 27FPS and when airborne 45. The FPS was locked at max 30 fps until airborne and I changed it to a max of 60fps as an experiment. When 20 miles off the coast of YSSY, the fps dropped to an average of 15 and as low as 8 all the way to touchdown. Parked, the average fps is 12. I have cleaned out the junk from the drives, cleaned the registry and optimised the drives. Thi
  4. Thanks Oliver. Appreciate your support. Cheers Craig
  5. Thanks Oliver, that fixed the problem. Mathijs, I have ORBX global base installed. Has it created problems in some addon scenery? Cheers Craig
  6. Hi, thanks for the response. Interesting logic from Airbus. Cheers Craig
  7. Hi team, I have a question re the logic of the logo light. I have noticed that the logo light only turns on when the gear is extended and the landing lights are on. Shouldn't it turn on when say descending down through 10,000' when the landing light is switched on? Cheers Craig
  8. An update. When the flightsim is started at GCLP, the airbridges are ok. It seems that they float when GCLP is the destination.
  9. Hi I have a problem with the airbridges at GCLP. They are floating above the tarmac. Please see attached picture. I am using Prepar3d 4.5 (latest version) and sode jetways from Aerosoft. The scenery is the latest available in the aerosoft shop. Any ideas on how to fix it? Cheers Craig
  10. craigy


    Hi A quick question, is EFHK compatible with Prepar3d v4.5? Thanks Craig
  11. Hi, The turnaround takes around 30 mins. What I do is through GSX disembark passengers then once that is complete, load the loadsheet and load the flightplan etc. This occurs between 10-15 mins after shutdown. Cheers.
  12. Hi Previously I reported that the GPWS activates on departure from runway 12 using ORBX YBAS and the A320. I flew into and out of YBAS today and I think the GPWS activation maybe linked to the abnormal system behaviour. Usually when I fly into YBAS, I will complete a visual approach and set only the runway in the approach. The approach is completed, taxi in and shutdown. I then go through the turnaround process by loading the loadsheet and flight plan before closing doors and preparing for departure. When I select IGN/Start, the Wheels ECAM page remains visible instead of the ENG
  13. Sorry no I don't know. The screenshot which had the full panel was cropped and saved with the same name. If I see it again I will let you know.
  14. Hi Seems Airbus have come up with a new time convention. The waypoint in question is south of YPDN. See screenshot. Cheers Craig
  15. Hi Thanks for getting back to me. I tried to make a video but something went wrong. The GPWS alert is Terrain too low. I will try again to make a video tomorrow. Cheers Craig
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