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  1. Hi Stephen I have run some tests and the problem persists. But, if PFPX opens on the primary screen and it is then moved to the secondary screen without fullscreen, it works. It is important that PFPX is closed on screen 1 otherwise you have to disconnect screen 2 to get PFPX to open on screen 1. Not ideal bit it works. Cheers Craig
  2. Thanks Stephen. On one monitor it was working fine. I deleted both registry keys separately and tested but deleting the PFPX key seems to have done the trick. I will do some testing later to be sure. Thanks again for your prompt help. I appreciate it. Cheers Craig
  3. Yes I am. It worked fine previously
  4. Hi Stephen Thank you for your response. Sorry, yes it was a reinstall of 2.03. I have done what you suggested but the behaviour remains the same. Also when I reinstalled I got a message saying I have installed the program 6 times in the last 180 days. This is manifestly wrong. I have only installed it twice. Regards Craig
  5. Hi I recently reinstalled PFPX and set it up and it was working fine. Today I started PFPX and when I clicked on the window, the program 'not responding'. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled. The problem persists. Any ideas? Thanks Craig
  6. As I have reported previously, the engine shutdown sound is intermittent. If you do multi-sector flying, it normally works for the first shutdown but then is hit or miss for following sectors. I am running th latest versions of all the products so there is an issue with the code initiating the sound somewhere. As a side, the shutdown sound for the A330 sounds like the A320 shutdown not a high bypass engine.
  7. Hi I have been flying the A320 and A321 lately and I am getting figures like -2.2 for the A320 and -2.9 for the A321. With a DN trim of 2.9, when the throttles are advanced to Flex the warning trim out of takeoff range is annunciated. The trim has to be re-adjusted to be back in the range. This is a problem caused by the fuel planner. Also I don't use the co-pilot function. Regards Craig
  8. Picture attached. After entering 11000, the transition level remains at 10000
  9. Hi So the approach page has a parameter transition altitude.So on descent into YBBN the default is 10000. When you input 11000 for the transition level, the numbers on the page remain as 10000 but the system accepts the 11000 and that figure is used. Not a bi issue for me but I thought I would report it.
  10. Hi With the latest version of the A330, when adding the transition level to the approach page, the transition level is not displayed but is activated. Cheers Craig
  11. G'day Team Aerosoft I have installed the latest c]version of software for the A330 and one thing I have noticed is that lowering the gear does not create the amount of drag I think it should. It has no impact on power ie when the gear extends there is no response from the throttles and yet airspeed does not reduce. Sometimes I have to close the throttles to get the aircraft to decelerate. I don't know how much drag the gear creates so it is my observation. Any A330 pilots out there to comment? Cheers Craig
  12. Hi What logic is used to automatically tune the VORs'? The reason I ask is every time I fly out of YSSY, the VORs automatically tune to CB instead of SY. This seems to be illogical. Regards Craig
  13. Hi I also have witnessed this issue with spoilers with Regards Craig
  14. craigy

    Pitch Trim

    Hi Rolf Neither holding button down or or the mouse wheel results in a normal pitch trim change. Having said that the last two days it has been working but it doesn't reset itself to 4 on landing. The curse of multi sector flying I guess. Regards Craig
  15. Hi, Since upgrading to 0.7, the pitch trim has become difficult to set. Using the mouse and holding down the left mouse button, the trim wheel moves less than a degree each minute until suddenly it works normally . I spend up to 5 minutes waiting for the trim to change to the required setting. It has now become very annoying. Regards Craig
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