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  1. Many thanks for the reply, as I said not a big deal... Stay safe Kind regards Alan
  2. Hi All Currently have to log in to Navigraph every time through the configuration tool, which obviously isn’t a problem as long as one remembers! Was wondering if this was going to be changed in the future. I did a search of the forum but couldn’t find anything related to this. No big deal but it would be nice to remain logged in ... Regards Alan
  3. Thanks for replying, I already have hot keys set to on in mcdu 3, but as I said in the op, the numbers aren’t working. Still haven’t found a solution and wondered if there was some setting in P3d I needed to change Regards G
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply, I have previously checked that the number keys were unassigned to anything else in P3d but will double check. Regards G
  5. Hi Just recently had to remove P3d and all add ons and reinstall. Previously the hot keys (1&2) worked fine but now they don’t. Just wondered if there was a setting in either p3dv4.5 or the Airbus pro that needed setting? I have hot keys enabled in mcdu 3 Thanks for any help Regards G
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