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  1. It is a developing technology that we will be offering scenery developers who are working with us. If and to what extend they actually want to use it though, will still be up to them.
  2. Not initially possible and no timeline, unfortunately. There are about three areas that needed to be added to the msfs sdk before we can run completely internally with the sim.
  3. Glad it is working now again for you, Luis. Yes...an unstable usb connection might cause those issues. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. Hi Luis, so you are saying that before you've already used the plugin for some time without those performance problems? This is on Windows or Mac? I've not seen this before.
  5. Hi André, sure: INT-variables are not datarefs but variables, as they are not specific to X-Plane, but also work in FSX/P3D/soon MSFS. Instead, INT here stands for "internal", so, they are not visible to any simulator, but are only used by the module(s) monitoring the HC Alpha & Bravo output and translating that into simulator commands. When you need one...is really up to you and highly depends on what exactly you want to achieve with a profile. I only "invented" them, as otherwise the combined AP INCR/DECR functionality of the Bravo would not have been possible at all within the default control framework of any of the afore-mentioned simulators. I hope that clears it up a little bit more towards all is not lost :).
  6. Hi Hermann, das würde dann ungefähr so aussehen...der Eintrag muss unter CUSTOM NAME erfolgen: Durch einen bug musst du im Moment bei Value noch etwas eintragen, das Profil speichern und dann die Value wieder löschen und erneut speichern, da CommandRefs keine Werte benötigen.
  7. Thats basically the same system that we also have at EDDK...so work has begun rolling it back into already released airports.
  8. Yes: it's a problem we discovered specifically with reading some array indices correctly. Writing is not affected. It will be fixed with the next release.
  9. Hi Hervé, your first variable is an array..and there is currently a bug with reading arrays. Please try removing the first variable and if it works like that..you know the reason is that bug.
  10. Hi Roland, you can check for yourself for any aircraft you like using this plugin.
  11. Hi Hervé, available conditional operators are >, >=, <, <=, == and !=.
  12. Actually yes...unfortunately with the current package version there is a bug, where the limits don't become visible in the Configurator user interface under certain conditions. In addition, reading the value of an array dataref can also be an issue from time to time. Nevertheless, I have included the limits manually for you in the profile below, so you can try. A321NEO.json
  13. Hi Andre, we know that the learning curve here can be quite steep...which is basically the price to make this work for multiple simulator platforms and still get the required flexibility to also allow for refined interactions with complex AddOn aircraft. What we primarily intended with the software was to allow aircraft AddOn developers themselves to directly provide working profiles. As they obviously know their planes best, this would be the easiest solution. If they actually do though...is of course out of our hands. There is also not a complete manual available, but apart from the videos here you also have our tutorial section here and the pinned topics on top of this forum section, where you can find some information concerning programming the Bravo. Topics there will be expanded in the future, according to demand. What you need to understand is that the HC Configurator control system is completely independent from the X-Plane one. So, you will never see something from the HC Configurator within X-Planes control interface and vice versa. But that also means you have to make sure that you are not creating clashing controls with the two control systems by assigning the same button twice. As this might lead to unexpected behaviour. If the simulator is currently running you also need to "Reload Bindings" from the Honeycomb in-sim menu entry. If the pop-up message gives you the correct profile name...you have loaded up the right profile and should be good to go. Judging from the other thread, you have noticed by now, that this is simply a bug that concerns the entry of CommandRefs. Entering a value, saving and then clearing the value again is a workaround that should work until that is fixed in the next version. No, as internal variables can be defined by the profile creator themselves according to their needs. If you check out the OBS_Test profile I dished up for you in the other thread, you can see that I introduced "INT:OBS_SELECTOR, bool", which is an internal variable. What I am advising you to do, especially if the felt complexity is still too high, is to do as much as you can within X-Planes control system intself and only fallback to the HC Configurator for functionality that is not doable otherwise. Like for the autopilot rotaries and LEDs... . I hope that helps you some.
  14. Hi Hervé, I have altered your profile so that it should be increasing and decreasing by 0.2 instead of setting hard values. Cannot try it out here myself, though. A321NEO.json
  15. Hi Andre, I need to know exactly what is happening or not happening for you. So, you are saying you are importing and activating the OBS_Test profile from above, loading up the default Cessna Skyhawk in X-Plane and also seeing the in sim message indicating that the profile has been activated? Then, on the Bravo, you move the AP selector to "CRS", toggle the most left switch but get no reaction on either OBS1 or OBS2 using INCR/DECR? What is important is that you actively move the AP selector into "CRS", even if it has been there before, after the profile has been loaded up and also toggle the most left OBS selector at least once. Otherwise, the plugin does not know the state those switches are in.
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