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  1. Hi guys, i am not proficient with what the Zibo provides or does not provide...but it looks like this is just not the correct dataref then. Maybe the "Low Volts" LED could be tied to the "ELEC" Master Caution light on the glareshield instead, as this would be most likely more suitable. But this depends on what datarefs the Zibo offers. You can either ask the Zibo makers directly, or try to find a suitable dataref via the dataref editor.
  2. Hi, what happens if you put the paddles into the forward position first, before bringing back the levers into idle? Does it work correctly like this?
  3. Yes...using a dedicated switch for arming the spoilers is a good idea! Glad you got it solved, Charles. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. Hi Charles and welcome to the forums. Well...as you have assigned the speedbrake to the axis it is also natural that it would start deploying as soon as you move it. Which is different from using a dedicated clickspot to arm. Using some more advanced axis assignment technique like e.g. FSUIPC might be able to mitigate that issue, but I am no expert on that.
  5. Hi and welcome to our forums. This is actually not strange but by design: the HC configurator only deals with buttons, not with axis as those can be defined fully via P3D alone. Thats why you autopilot section works, but not the axis...you have to define them yourselves directly in P3D.
  6. Hi Phil, yes, there is indeed progress. It is just the altered profile is not officially fully ready for upload, yet. But if you want to give it a go preliminary...I am attaching it so you can try it out. Feedback is appreciated. FSLABS_A320_Throttle_AirbusPack.json
  7. Hi Steve, it for sure depends on what you are actually trying to do...the default throttle profile that is coming with the HC configurator download already has a minimum mapping to make the autopilot of default planes like the C172 work. For the rest...it depends on what functions you want to assign to the Bravo switches.
  8. Hi and welcome to our forums: I have moved you into our dedicated X-Plane section. What you have to understand, is that the HC profiles are completely independant from the X-Plane profile system itself, so you will never see the profiles from one system displayed in the menu of the other. Consequently you will have to ensure yourself, that there are no conflicts between the two systems, like double bindings for one control. Also, the HC profiles only deal with buttons, not axis. I hope that clears it up a bit.
  9. Hi, please try "ctrl+shift+i" once the empty gray window has come up and see if there is any error message visible in the "Console" tab.
  10. Hi Alex, it seems that maybe the Zibo does not address that default dataref then. Easiest solution would be to just remove that condition via the ConfigTool. Or alternatively see if there is a correct dataref available for the Zibo specifically.
  11. Hi, just to weigh in on this: while nominally with your system you might fulfill the minimum requirements to at least start P3Dv5, I feel especially the 4GB VRAM won't do you any good at all. Transitioning from v4 to v5 P3D got WAY more VRAM expensive which caused me to abandon my good old 4GB graphics adapter for a 8GB one as I had crashes related to it. Of course, like Mathijs mentioned, many things depend on settings like chosen resolution and such but I would go for at least 16GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM. Just my two cents, though.
  12. Hi Henry, the problem is that there simply is not a "general" profile that makes the AP section work with any aircraft. The default throttle profile that comes with the HC Configurator download has the AP section defined for use with a default piston like the G1000 Cessna. But it already won't work with the default airliners that come with X-Plane as they are using different autopilot variables and commands. So...it all comes down to which specific aircraft you are targeting. You can also check out our dedicated download area to see if there already is a Bravo profile for your aircraft available.
  13. Thanks for your warm feedback Eric and glad you got it solved. Have fun. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Hi, we are aware of the issue and will have a solution shortly...for the profiles as well as for the naming conventions in the HC Configurator software.
  15. Hi guys, I can only say that with my alpha version of Brussels performance is a no brainer, even with a complex aircraft like our CRJ. That is happening with a 6 year old Desktop and a 2 year old Gaming notebook. And that is pre explicit optimizations for performance. So...I doubt anyone would need to loose sleep over removing things like terminal interior or visible pax just to get a resonable flying experience. And just to confirm everyones impression: the visual fidelity and attention to detail is indeed outstanding in the scenery.
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