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  1. I've also tested it and they are in sync on my system. So, it must be an individual problem.
  2. Hi guilherme, are you using any custom shaders or don't have HDR enabled? If yes, please check if removing shaders and enabling HDR rectifies what you're seeing.
  3. Hi Tizo, as this is most likely the only P3D aircraft up to this point that is fully built with PBR textures, HDR needs to be on in order to get the full range of visual accuracy and fidelity. But as PBR has only been introduced into P3D at all, there are still some issues and quirks which can only be resolved by Lockheed Martin. Thus, we all have to make compromises as to what is possible under which circumstances and settings. And we feel that the look of the aircraft is just splendid with everything in PBR and that semi-modern hardware is capable of running with HDR on. At least my one year old laptop does also handle it nicely. So, we are confident about this compromise regarding the HDR requirement. Having said this, what might happen depending on your overall graphical settings, shaders etc. is, that the aircraft simply might look too dark without HDR turned on and would thus most probably not meet your visual demands.
  4. Here is what you can do about wingviews yourself, if you don't like their positions and want them different right in this moment to genuinely being able to enjoy flying our bird...but keep in mind that altering the files manually is NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED and thus won't get you any official help from Aerosoft in case of trouble. I am just providing this for your personal convenience: Locate the Airbus' aircraft.cfg, in my specific case the folder is "D:\Simulation\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional". BACKUP aircraft.cfg to a save place in case something goes horribly wrong and you have to revert to the original file without doing a complete reinstall. Open aircraft.cfg and use the search function for "CameraDefinition.023", which should be the "LEFT ENGINE VIEW". In the CameraDefinition for this view you find "InitialXyz=" followed by three values seperated by commata being the Xyz coordinates for this camera. Alter the second value to your liking, higher values move the camera upwards, lower values downwards. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for "CameraDefinition.029", which should be the "RIGHT ENGINE VIEW". Save aircraft.cfg, fire up the sim, load the plane and have fun. Below you have a screenshot from the "RIGHT ENGINE VIEW" resulting from the following altered line, which I will also keep for myself: "InitialXyz = 3.38, 2.0, 14.05".
  5. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  6. Hi Ralf, please have a look into this topic as it looks like you might have the same problem:
  7. Hi guys, just chimming in to say that I did a completely fresh download and install of the A330 on my Laptop that has never seen the A330 problems with the current files on the server. All showing up in sim as intended.
  8. Hi Bobby, additionally to Mathijs question, I've also forwarded your NAV LIGHT issue to the person responsible for the template.
  9. Thanks Alex for the suggestion, DDE is in continous development and we have plans for it moving forward. Might not happen with Genf, but there will be more stuff coming in the future and it is actually already capable of way more than is being used right now.
  10. Eric, I can confirm the A2A planes are on the list's just a matter of time and resources. But there will be something coming.
  11. Hi Alex, I for myself really cannot tell which setting might be responsible, as from my view this could also either be an in-sim setting or something externally. But..we discussed and might be able to provide you with an optional light model with extended visibility range in the coming future. So you could test, if it is getting better for you.
  12. Hi Eric, I don't own any A2A plane currently, so I cannot tell how they work internally. But we can certainly discuss and see what we can do about them. But of course you can also experiment with FSUIPC and see if you can get it running.
  13. Thank you Eric, just remember: no one is forcing you to make use of the provided utility. The yoke will also work without it, if you intend to use the basic functionality P3D provides for control assignments. You can also mix the ways you assign functions and only use the utility for those, where you need special behaviour that is not possible with P3D alone (like with the L:Vars you mentioned). Just make sure you don't have double assignments.
  14. Hi Alex, here is what i looks like on my machine on roughly an 8.5 NM final: It's clearly a settings issue. The lights are visible, albeit not that bright because a lot of the time they are indeed way too bright in the sim. Also, the technique we are using for the lighting in LSGG is a different one, so you cannot really compare this to other products. We can discuss if we are able to tweak this a little, but as you can see, this is not so much a general issue but depends on the settings of your sim.
  15. Hey Gérard, ah, now I see what you mean. No..."Variable" doesn't need the definition of a variable type as it's being assigned to the sim. That's only needed for the "ConditionVariable", as this one is read out internally and thus needs to know what type to expect coming from the sim to make the correct comparison against "ConditionValue". And no...right now, there's just the 'equal' option...but if there is need for something different, I guess, we can also implement that.
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