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  1. Hallo,

    ich habe gestern Abend gesehen, dass du in einem Thread zu P3D v4 meintest, die wesentlichen Aerosoft Szenerien würden tatsächlich laufen. Wie stehts mit EDDF v2? Und wie installierst du die Szenerien? den Aerosoft-Ordner aus einem annderen Sim kopieren und via Scenery library aktivieren? Ich würde mich wirklich sehr freuen, wenn du mir kurz antworten könntest. :)

    Viele Grüße,


  2. Can you post a picture? I can't imagine this. For me SODE Jetways seems to work perfect.
  3. SODE is also able to handle the ground lightning, as far as I know.
  4. It is not my PC or the settings, they are ok and i can run a lot of more intense Add-ons without any problem.
  5. The OOM is still there. Flight from EDDF-LGTS with my PMDG 737 (Thessaloniki configurator LITE II). After the landing in LGTS the OOM appeared. Sorry i can't enjoy LGTS untill the problem is solved.
  6. Will do a test with the LITE II setting. Flight from Larnaca - Thessaloniki (pmdg 737-800NGX). I hope there will be no OOM anymore. I can run every Scenery without any problem.
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